These Clear Signs Will Help You Spot A Real Product From A Fake


Luxury brands may come with a hefty price tag, but their style, quality, and detail are all factors that make their products an investment as opposed to its cheaper counterparts. If you are to buy a well-known product from an outside seller, however, there are important things to look out for to see if it is genuine.

A Louis Vuitton Bag

For a Louis Vuitton bag to be genuine, it should have a proper identification stamp. The letters identify the country it was made in, and the numbers indicate when it was made.


Christian Louboutin Shoes

You cannot miss the bold red sole that defines all Christian Louboutin shoes. The designer shoes can be spotted by any fashionista and passersby alike, but just like most in-demand designer brands, there are fake Christian Louboutin shoes out there. To spot if the shoe is real, the cloth should be identical throughout the shoe, and any slight change would signal that it could be fake. Another point to look out for is any variation of color on the sole, as it should always be the signature red.


Ray-Ban Sunglasses

If you’re going to spend over $100 for your Ray-Ban sunglasses, you are going to want to make sure that you are getting the real deal. The logo could undoubtedly be replicated for fake copies, but to determine if you are purchasing a real pair of Ray-Bans, the sunglasses should come in a leather case with a logo on the closure. There should also be a black velour inside, and the logo on the left frame should never rub off.


Apple Headphones

As with any iPhone, a pair of headphones should come in the same box. Should you find yourself having to buy a new pair, and do not buy from Apple themselves, there is a sure way to know if the headphones are genuine. Apple headphones have removable caps which can be taken off for cleaning or to be replaced. If the caps are stuck on the headphones, this will be the sign to show that they are, in fact, fake.


Hermès Bag

Each Hermès bag has its own unique touch, since each bag is handmade by one artisan. The bag maker will put their own trademark stamp on it, along with a “blind stamp” which indicates the year the bag was made. Another way to determine if the bag is real is with an authenticity card. Many bags come with an authenticity card, but Hermès bags don’t. If you find one in a bag sold outside the brand’s official store, this will mean that it is fake.


Rolex Watches

You are bound to come across many fake Rolex watches since the famous brand of watches is in high in demand. However, to determine a real Rolex watch from a fake is by noticing a serial number and label engraved on it. If the watch has a transparent back, this means it is a fake. Rolex watches also have a sapphire glass on the face which shouldn’t scratch easily. If the watch’s face has many scratches, then you can determine that it is a copy.


Lacoste Shirts

The simple logo for Lacoste makes the brand an easy design to copy, and people may be none the wiser to know if a shirt is real or fake when they spot the famous crocodile. However, there is a way of determining what makes a real Lacoste shirt. The signature crocodile is always green and is always to the side of the buttons. The buttons are usually made of mother-of-pearl, and there should not be any writing on the buttons either.


Converse Sneakers

Converse sneakers have several signs which determine that you are buying a real pair of Converse. The signature sole should be at least 1.18 inches high, and the tag should have a serial number consisting of 6 characters. As for the “All-Star” stamp, this should be found both on the back of the shoe and on the shoe’s tongue. If this is not found on both, then this would mean that the shoe is not a real product from the brand themselves.


EOS Lip Balms

It is not just clothes, shoes and bags which are being copied and sold as a fake, but also make-up. An example of a make-up brand being copied is EOS. The lip balms come in egg-shaped holders, and you can determine a real from a fake if the exterior is shiny. The lip balm is genuine if this is the case, and if the caps lock together properly. For the lip balm to be real, the smell must also be sweet and fruity.


Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suits

Victoria’s Secret angels sure know how to make you want to buy a bathing suit from the lingerie fashion brand. With its ever growing popularity, everyone wants to get their hands on their very own angel bathing suit, and fakes are being sold as a result. To know a real Victoria Secret bathing suit from a fake, is that a real one is made of double cloth, and the tags will only be in pink, white, black, or transparent.



To tell if a Levis product is real, the item should have the signature stitching on the back pocket. If a product said to be Levis have variations of this from the arch, the product is most likely to be a fake. Just as there is the signature stitching to see if it is real Levis, and along with the writing on the buttons, the little red tab to the side of the pocket will spell Levis with a lowercase “e.”


Chanel Bags

The Chanel Boy bag is one of the most expensive bags sold by the designer fashion brand, which makes it really hard to get in stores. As a result, the bag can often be found on the resale market and the counterfeit market, but there is a way to know if it is the real deal. A Chanel bag will come with an authenticity card inside, and an authentic authenticity card will have a gold trim. The label inside would also always be straight.


Calvin Klein Underwear

When it comes to spotting fake Calvin Klein underwear, you will find that counterfeit products are often incorrectly sized and the stitching will not be to the same standard as the real product. The stitching should be tight and look professional, and there should be no overlap fabric at the waistband. The product code on the label inside the underwear should also match all product labels and barcodes. Also, the ‘e’ in Klein should be a semi-circle and is always incorrect on fakes.


Ugg Boots

When Ugg boots took the 2000’s by storm, everyone wanted to get their hands on a pair of the fashionable slippers. The demand and popularity for the boots led to counterfeit products being sold, and knock-off Uggs were being bought by those who thought they the difference could not be seen. One way to know when Ugg boots may be fake is based on the shoeboxes. Ugg shoeboxes come with reflective stickers that change from black to white as your rotate them 90 degrees.


Nike Shoes

Nike is one of the most counterfeited brands in the world due to its popularity and high demand. To be able to tell if a pair of Nike shoes is real, you just need to check the SKU number on the box. Every authentic pair of Nike shoes comes with an SKU number which is identical to the one on the box. If there are no numbers at all, or the numbers are not matching, then this clearly means they are a fake.


MAC Make-Up

The make-up brand MAC uses a distinct logo on all their products and packaging, which distinguishes the brand from their rivals. The font used for the logo is very particular on all items, and counterfeit products will use the same logo, but the font would have been manipulated in some way. A genuine product will usually have the MAC logo in the center, whereas counterfeit products would have positioned the logo at the top or the bottom of the product.


Beats By Dre

Dr. Dre has made a name for himself away from musical lyrics, but also through his product – Beats By Dre. Fake copies of the popular headphones are often sold, but there are certain signs to determine if you are buying the genuine product. The color of the headphones on the box must match the color of the product inside the box, and all spelling on the box must be accurate and aligned carefully. Inside the box, the product should also be accompanied by an official warranty document and a user guide.



Although many counterfeit perfumes are found in flea markets, they could also be making their way to store shelves. It is, therefore, essential to know how to spot a real from a fake. Authentic perfumes will typically have thick cellophane that is folded flawlessly and fits tight to the box. Real packaging is also made from high-quality paperboard, designed to protect the bottle from any damage. If the construction inside the box is not damage proof, and not white, then this is not a real perfume.


Adidas Superstar Sneakers

Adidas Superstar sneakers are amongst the most popular products for the brand. From the sole of the shoe, you can determine a real from a fake, since the outsole of real Adidas Superstars have a distinct pattern with a particular consistency and shape of the lines. They also feature an Adidas logo on the heel, which should be of a particular size and shape, with stitching carefully placed below. As for the boxes, they should feature the style name, size, color, and country of origin.


Samsung Mobile Phone

Samsung mobile phones have several ways to determine it is the real deal. Most models have AMOLED displays, and these are bright black in color. Fake mobile phones will usually be gray, blue, or brown. The original mobile phone will also open a special application testing menu when you type in the combination *#7353#. If you type in *#06#, the screen will show you the IMEI number, which can also found under the battery, along with the model code and serial number.


PANDORA Jewelery

Each PANDORA item has a maker’s mark, which is a stamp indicating the origin of jewelry. The maker’s mark on PANDORA jewelry is “ALE,” which stands for Algot Enevoldson, who is the father of PANDORA founder, Per Enevoldsen. Other than their small pieces, “ALE” will always be found stamped on their products. The jewelry manufacturer will also place a quality mark on their products to indicate the metal’s purity and that the metal is genuine. Their silver products are stamped with an “S,” and their gold, a “G.”


USB Cable Port

Original USB cable ports from any company are always shorter compared to fake copies. Genuine cables will also include the company’s brand mark, which will appear lighter in color than the replica. Comparing the original to a fake can also be seen when looking at the micro-USB connector. The original is always smaller in length and attached nearer to the body, whereas, the fake one will have more space between the connector and the body of the charger.


Yeezy 350

Kanye West shocked the fashion world when he released his own Yeezy sneakers with Adidas, becoming an instant best-selling hit. With everyone trying to get their hands on a pair of Yeezy’s, counterfeit products were popping up just as fast as they were selling. How you can tell a real Yeezy from a fake, is by the stitching at the front which should have a square gap between each ‘X’ shape. The stitching makes up for the overall design, so is a vital component of the product.


Timberland Boots

When it comes to Timberland, the brand manufacturer attaches a nubuck leather tag to the right pair of Timberlands. The original leather tag will have a logo and the “Guaranteed Waterproof” inscription. A fake copy of Timberlands will usually have a paper tag, and the logo won’t be legitimate. They will also say “Made in USA,” whereas the official Timberland factories are in China the Dominican Republic. Each pair of boots also has a unique serial number which can be used to check if the pair actually exists.



Before taking any diamond to be checked, there are tests you can do yourself to test if it is real or not. If the stone becomes loose or unmounted, you should turn it upside down and place it on a printed piece of paper. If you cannot read the text through this stone, that would mean that it is likely to be a real diamond. The same goes if you breathe on a real diamond, the fog should disperse immediately since diamonds are efficient heat conductors.