These Optical Illusions Will Have You Questioning Reality


Bend And Snap

You may be surprised to learn just how flexible yoga can make you, but you can take these two girls as proof that humans can fold their bodies in ways you’ve never imagined.

Mirror Mirror On The Grass

As many times as you may ask your magic mirror to show you who the fairest in the land is, sometimes magic gets it wrong. At least, that’s what you can tell yourself if you’re an evil queen who doesn’t want to find any rivals. Then again, if you don’t see your reflection in the mirror, you might be a vampire. The girl pictured below wanted to test out her magic mirror’s strength, but in the end realized that it was a vain pursuit.

Nearly Headless Kick

Gymnasts have been long known to perform physical feats that the rest of us mortals could never even dream of performing, but the headless back bend is the new move to end all moves. As time has gone on, both gymnasts and figure skaters have had to figure out how to do increasingly impossible jumps and flips. In order to get a start on the competition, this gymnast came up with the headless jump. No one had ever seen it before, nor will they again.

Down In The Dumps

Looking like a Barbie doll might be a desire for some, but for others, it’s all about a flip of the mind. This girl kept finding her attempts at faking a Barbie-like demeanor were falling flat. Day after day, she arranged a photo shoot, complete with props, costumes, and makeup, but it was to no avail. Then one day, she was hit with a stroke of genius. She ran to her kitchen and began tinkering, making sure the camera was in a perfect position.

Hop, Skip, And Jump

On your next trip to Ireland, you might want to try out the ancient past time of fairy hunting. Though fairies feature heavily in Celtic lore, many who hear the old legends these days don’t believe they’re real. If you’re more inclined to open your mind, however, you might find a tour guide or two who is willing to take you on a magical journey where you can capture a tiny fairy, right in the palm of your hand.

The Horn Of Water

Legends say that only once every 12 years do the mermaids surface, allowing humans for only a brief moment to glimpse them in all their glory. Given the rarity of the event, the mermaids are happy to bring with them much pomp and fanfare, if only to alert the humans to their arrival. Suddenly a rush of water falls from the sky, forming a curtain, out of which, the mermaids rise. They emerge for no more than a minute, before sinking back to their watery homes.


Dragon Dog To The Rescue!

Dogs may be the most miraculous creature on Earth, earning their keep both by being affectionately loyal and easy to train. After adopting these two pups, one fur father would be surprised to discover that his furry friend had a special skill. Much like a dragon, he could breathe fire, but only when his tail was pulled just so. Suddenly, instead of just worrying that his furry friend would destroy shoes or other such items, he had to worry about his new baby burning down the house.

Cheaper By The Dozen

When this group of friends went to study abroad, they would quickly discover a surprising fact about where they were staying: all of the men in this small European town were cursed to look exactly the same. At first the girls couldn’t understand how that was a bad thing, given how pleasing the men were to the eye, but then reality set in. They could never remember who they’d met, nor how, until it seemed better to simply stay away from them all.

Achieving Lift Off

On the remote beaches of the Pacific, some find that the water gives them incredible physical attributes they never had before. Each person soon finds themselves endowed with a new strength, much like superheroes. Some have super strength, others can sling webs and hop from building to building, while still others find themselves able to fly. The moment of liftoff is always the most surprising, as the person tentatively begins to hover over the ground before shooting into the stratosphere.

Floating On A Cloud

If you’ve read the Harry Potter books, you might have come to think that levitation is one of the simplest spells there is to master. After all, it’s one of the first charms the impressionable young wizards learn. It would seem from this picture that there’s some truth to the simplicity of levitation, as this woman managed to levitate an elephant statue before performing the same charm on herself in order to capture the photo from the perfect angle.

Free Falling

There comes a time when every man stands on  precipice, fearing that with one wrong step, the earth beneath their feet will crumble, and then they’ll suddenly find themselves, much like this man, clinging to the last scrap of a brick, hoping the world doesn’t begin to slip towards him. Despite the desperate situation this man has found himself in, he’s holding on in the hopes that his fingers have the strength to cling on to that rock until rescue comes his way.

An Inception To The Rule

Look into the mirror, deeply contemplating the mysteries that life holds. Look again, and don’t look back, as you cast a spell on your future self, and your past. Your vision starts to blur, then double, and suddenly you’re seeing an infinite world play out in front of you. Each world may have its own rules, or it may play by ours, but those far-off worlds still surrounding your every thought can never be touched, no matter how hard you try.

Hand Over Fist

When bathing on the shores of the legendary city of Atlantis, it’s easy to stumble across tiny, acrobatic fairies. The fairies may come as a shock to those unaccustomed to seeing such tiny beings bouncing through mid-air, but once you’ve warmed up to their existence, they’re quite friendly. Atlantis’s fairies are a far cry from those in Neverland, who tend towards spite and jealousy rather than love and friendship. When treated right, Atlantis’s fairies will give you the whole world in the palm of your hand.

Swallow Your Pride

The helicopter began to approach the giant, who stood menacingly in its path. With one small gesture, he could have reached out his hand and plucked the machine from the sky, as if it were no more than a toy. The plan had to work, there was no other way to stop the giant from stomping through the country, crushing every being who dared to fall within the breadth of his enormous feet. The soldiers in the Air Force had to take this leap of faith.

The Dragon Has Three Heads

Ever knows those friends who seem to have been cut from the exact same vintage paisley cloth. Everyone may wonder why they haven’t magically fused together, even as they know each other’s every thought. One fateful night, however, these two ladies would discover an ancient ritual that would bind them together in their physical beings. While they thought they would simply fuse into one body, instead, their bodies fused together, leaving their separate heads intact, but still distinct.

Walking On Air

When your world seems to have turned upside down, it’s better to stop fighting against fate, and better to join up with it. This woman realized that she needed to join together with the challenges life with bringing her, and hoped that once she started walking upside down, the puzzle pieces would begin to fit together once more. It was a daunting task for someone who’d always lived right side up, but the moment she made the switch, it felt as natural as breathing.

Awake The Tractagorn

It seemed like a routine summer trip when they embarked onto the small boat waiting for them in the harbor. As the revelers boarded the small boat, there was a small sense of foreboding that enveloped them, but they brushed it off as a side effect from the bobbing of the water. As the boat buzzed its way towards open water, one of the travelers looked down, only to find that one women had grown an extra leg!

Crouching Tiger

The journey pressed on. With several children in tow, they were about to step onto the sacred ground of the lost tribes in the West. No matter what the sun beat down on their brows, the merry band went about exploring. As the heat continued to increase throughout the day, slowly the amateur explorers found themselves overcome by an odd phenomenon. Their bodies were melting together, but they had no clue how to stop the progress from overtaking all of them.

Bottoms Up

Passersby kept eyeing the three ladies on the street with confusion. Something didn’t add up, but they couldn’t figure out what. Despite slyly measuring their proportions, it was unfathomable to them how they were arranged at such varying levels. Many didn’t have the time to keep dwelling on the mystery, only noting that something about the scene didn’t sit right as it came into their peripheral vision. Even so, it wasn’t worth turning back for a second look, so they continued on.

Stand On Me

Keeping up with your work out is no easy task. It becomes especially difficult when you find that you may be strong, but you’re entirely inflexible, while your smaller friends are infinitely more flexible, but they aren’t  nearly as strong. As your training wears on, you begin to realize that one without the other gets you nowhere. It’s time to switch things up, but those changes don’t come easily, only digging deep and relying on your friends will help you now.

Barbie Girl In A Human World

Barbie was in for the shock of her life. When she awoke in the morning, she saw she was splayed out beside a box containing her friends and family. They were tiny and lifeless, their plastic limbs stuck at odd angles as they piled on top of one another. Barbie cradled Stacy in her hand, gently stroking her matted hair. She put a hand to her own head, noticing how much silkier it had become. It would be a strange day indeed.

Sitting On The Edge Of The World

When one contemplates the world, it is often too big for a person grasp in their minds eye. After all, how can one envision something as simple as sliding down the sides of a globe when we know we’re already anchored to the surface by gravity? One family wanted to find out, and couldn’t help themselves when they found a great grass globe perched in the middle of a public square in France.

By The Power Vested In Me

When characters levitate in TV shows and movies, it might look as if they were performing the trick of their own accord, but we know behind the scenes, there’s someone pulling strings. In this magicians case, however, no one could ever figure out the power behind his levitation. It all became clear one day when an area local realized that the only thing keeping this man suspended in mid-air was a whole bunch of strategically releasing hot air.

On Her Last Legs

You may have thought you knew all there was to know about Kendall Jenner, given that her every move is documented on social media, so when this photo turned up of her having a laugh with only one leg, the internet was unsurprisingly up in arms. No one could figure out how she could have so quietly lost a leg, as they’d expected to get an up close and personal look at any sort of major surgery one of her clan might undergo.

Twist Of The Arm

Cheerleaders are known for being thrown into all kinds of flips and turns, showing just how acrobatic young high schoolers can be. Professional cheerleaders may be more dancers than anything, but their younger ranks often perform aerial feats that regular people couldn’t dream of. Those who have been launched into the air knows there’s an odd phenomenon that occurs, however. As they return to the ground, they find their limbs significantly shortened, with no clue how to reverse the damage.

A Nose Of A Job

When your life thrives on shocking others, you too might go to great lengths to instill fear in others’ hearts when they look at you. Even if it’s clear that Mimi has performed some job on herself, the idea begins to fall apart the more you examine the shape she created for herself, but that was exactly the point. Mimi’s in the game to fool people with her skills. After all, not all artists paint on canvas.

Superman Escalates

Even superheroes need to take the Subway sometimes. It’s certainly not ideal, but it can get the job done, leave the hero undercover until the moment is right to reveal his true colors. Sometimes, however, they find that trouble has a way of following them around, and next thing they know, they’re jetting up an escalator in pursuit of a villain. Just when they thought it might be a quiet day, they’re suddenly in the thick of yet another fight.

Red Foot Green Hand

Twister is the game that tests your strength and flexibility, much like yoga does for adults, but when two sisters decided to break out the game at their last slumber party, they would discover a freaky phenomenon that could occur. As they continued calling out colors and positions, they realized at one point that their bodies had become so tangled together that they were stuck in a human knot. How they would come undone is a question they still ask today.

Buried In The Sand

Yoga might be known for opening up your body in ways you never imagined, but one woman never guess what mishap would befall her during her latest practice. As she folded her body forward with hands stretch behind her, she felt a release she’d never before discovered. It seemed someone else discovered that release simultaneously, and ended up losing his head in the process. It would take a little extra stretching in order to put things back in their proper place.

Are You Lion To Me?

Just like a pet dog always needs to get out each day for several walks, anyone with a pet lion would know that they aren’t like other house cats. First of all, they require much longer walks, just like they require more food. Second, they also still need a private place to do their business, unlike dogs who choose which spot is theirs as they go. You might be inclined to run from a lion on the street, but if they’re on a leash, don’t worry.