Things Meghan Markle Can’t Do Now That She’s Part Of The Royal Family


Sleep When She Wants

If Meghan happens to be staying over to sleep at the Queen’s house, she is not allowed to go to bed before the Queen does.


Take Selfies

She was once the leading lady on the hit series, Suits, and everyone wanted a selfie with Rachel Zane. However, according to Glamour, since the first time Meghan went out in public with Prince Harry, she’s had to turn down fan requests for a selfie. It was believed she denied the photo opportunity by saying, “we’re not allowed to take selfies.” In fact, it is deemed inappropriate to take or ask for a selfie with a Royal, and you should always ask someone else to take the picture.


Cross Her Legs When Sitting

It is the protocol that members of the royal family are only allowed to sit with their legs touching side-by-side, with a slight tilt to the side and will never be seen sitting with their legs crossed, something we are all used to. Dubbed as “the Duchess slant,” Kate Middleton will always be seen to sit this way, and Meghan will have to learn how to sit like a member of the royal family, since crossing your legs is frowned up.


Eat As Fast Or Slow As She Likes

We all know the feeling of being so hungry we cannot help but eat everything in front of us in a fast-paced manner, but Meghan is no longer allowed to be in this situation. According to Diane Gottsman, the author of Modern Etiquette for a Better Life, she says that when in the presence of the Queen, you must only begin your meals when she does. It is also the case that you must also stop eating as soon as the Queen finishes her food.



Meghan is in the process of becoming a British citizen and will be once she is married to Prince Harry. However, while she may have become a citizen of the United Kingdom, she still will not get to vote like any other citizen. In fact, the U.K. parliament states that it is “unconstitutional” for members of the monarch family to vote, and once she is married, she too will be become a member of the monarchy. Meghan also won’t be allowed to express any opinions on political matters.


Use Any Of Her Social Media Accounts

Meghan was once an active user on social media and even once had her own blog site called, The Tig. However, you may have noticed less of activity from the American actress. Since she became associated with Prince Harry and it was confirmed that the couple had become engaged, Meghan had to deactivate all her social media accounts completely. She even wrote a farewell message on her blog website before closing it down. Rather, she has joined the Royal family’s official Kensington Royals accounts.


Get A Colorful Manicure

Meghan was once the writer of a lifestyle and fashion blog, often showing off her latest style and fashion choices. Just like many girls, this would include a well-groomed manicure, often going with a color fitting for the season. However, according to StyleCaster, all members of the royal family are prohibited from wearing any non-neutral nail polish colors. This rule is part of the Royals’ dress code, so you will never see a member of the royal family sporting a bold red or dark purple nail color.


Wear Wedges

As for the Royal dress code, according to a source from Vanity Fair, “The Queen isn’t a fan of wedged shoes. She really doesn’t like them, and it’s well known among the women in the family.” It is doubtful that the Royal ladies will be looking to upset or fail to impress the Queen so will, therefore, abide by her likes and dislikes and follow suit. The same will go for her attitude towards wedged shoes, and Markle will have to give wedges a miss.


Have Bridesmaids Her Own Age

While there have been speculations as to who Meghan would choose for her bridesmaids amongst her closest girlfriends, it is traditionally speaking that the bride’s party at a Royal wedding should only include children and pre-teens. However, Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton both broke this rule, so it is unknown as to what Meghan will choose to do. Kensington Palace did reveal that page boys and bridesmaids will join Meghan, but it is still unclear as to who her bridesmaids will be.


Be Too Affectionate With Her Husband In Public

While there is no official rule that states royals must refrain from showing too much affection for one another in public, it is a rule that goes without saying. Queen Elizabeth II has always kept it professional and has rarely ever been photographed showing any PDA towards her husband, Prince Phillip. It is with that said that the matriarch has set the tone for future royals to follow suit, and they certainly have. Looking at Prince William and Kate, the couple are rarely seen even holding hands.


Sign Autographs

Just as the former Rachel Zane will not be allowed to take selfies, the popular actress will also not be allowed to sign her autograph either. This is a safety precaution taken by the Royal family to avoid any possible incidences where their signature could be forged. The only time’s members of the Royal family can sign their signature is for legal documents, Royal documents, and on occasion, visitor’s books. Meghan does have a beautiful signature, however, due to her talent in calligraphy writing.


Showing Off Her Bare Legs

Royal expert, Victoria Arbiter, gave details to the Business Insider which spoke of how Royals should dress. She said, “You never see a royal without their nude stockings.” Arbiter continued, “I would say that’s really the only hard, steadfast rule in terms of what the Queen requires.” This may come as a surprise since the photographs of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announcing their engagement show the future royal with her bare legs. While Meghan may not have known this policy at the time, she sure will now.


No More Acting

Just like anyone who marries into the Royals, Meghan has decided to leave her career behind. Speaking of her decision, Meghan said, “I don’t see it as giving anything up. I just see it as a change. It’s a new chapter.” Meghan, whose most well-known role was on the hit series, Suits, was last seen on the show getting married. Now, the next time she will be seen on television, will not be for her next Hollywood role, but to become the Princess of England.


No Traveling Alone

Meghan Markle has shown herself to be an avid traveler, previously posting photographs to her blog site and Instagram page. However, just like her social media pages, her days of traveling solo are a thing of the past. According to Express, Meghan was issued royal protection officers at the time she became engaged to Prince Harry. It is unsurprising that all current and prospective members of the Royal Family must have a sufficient amount of security at all times, even when they’re off on their honeymoons.


Her Life In Canada

Meghan was known to live a quiet life in Canada before making the move to London, United Kingdom. She lived in the Canadian city, Toronto, where she kept herself under the radar while filming for her television series, Suits. She would dine at restaurants near her home in the Annex and have drinks at the private Soho House club downtown. Fast forward to her time of meeting Prince Harry, she became linked to one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, and, subsequently became the most googled actress of 2016.


Her Dogs

Meghan made her admiration for her two pet rescue dogs no secret but, when she moved to London to live with Prince Harry, she only brought one of her dogs with her. While she brought her beagle named Guy along with her to her new London home, she left Bogart, a Labrador-Shepherd mix, behind. Although she was very close to Bogart, he was considered as being too old to be able to adapt with the move from Toronto to London.


Go Out In Public Alone

While living a quiet life in Toronto, Meghan was probably used running around and completing her errands without any hassle at all. Since becoming engaged to the Prince of England, it seems that Meghan will never be able to go out in public alone, and will have round the clock security with her at all times. Even when she jets off on her honeymoon with Prince Harry, a time when newlyweds can spend time with just one another, the Royal couple will be accompanied by security 24/7.


Stick Her Tongue Out

You may often see the youngest members of the Royal family sticking their tongues out, especially at the paps calling their names and trying to get a photo. However, even those instances are rare, and it is also not expected for any of the elder members to act in such a playful manner. Markle may have broken royal protocol by sticking her tongue out to a local bystander on Christmas Day, but perhaps won’t be caught doing so for a second time in the future.


Carry Giant Purses

It is unknown as to whether there are rules in regards to the purses the ladies of the Royal Family should be carrying, but there is a reason Kate Middleton and the Queen are almost always seen with bags with small handles or clutches. A Royal expert explained to The Daily Mail that the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen perhaps opt for a clutch over a bag with a strap as they “may well prefer not to shake hands with certain people.”


Attend Fashion Week

Meghan Markle has become quite the fashion icon, and once she is seen in a fashionable outfit, it is most likely to sell out in moments. Even before she was set to become the next British Royal, Meghan would showcase her fashion taste on her social media sites, on the red carpet, and at fashion shows. However, do not expect to see Meghan Markle sitting front row at any future fashion shows since she will be too busy attending royal engagements and gatherings.


Sit Wherever She Wants

For many of us, we can all probably pick and choose where we wish to sit at all arrangements. However, while Meghan may be used to choosing where she sits on the couch at home, she has to follow a certain seating plan when out with the Royal Family. It all begins when she enters the room since there is a procession she has to follow. It begins with Queen Elizabeth, followed by Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and then Prince Harry and Meghan.


Open Presents On Christmas Day

Although it is the Royal tradition that only spouses attend Christmas Day at Sandringham House at the invite of Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Markle was extended an invite with her fiance Prince Harry for Christmas in 2017. However, Christmas Day for the Royals differs from the one most of us are used too since, traditionally, the Royal Family do not open presents on Christmas Day. Rather, their gifts are opened on Christmas Eve, and this is then followed by attending Church service on Christmas morning.


Give Hugs To The Public

According to the Royal Family’s website, when meeting the Queen or any member of the royal family, the traditional protocol is for men to bow from the neck only and for women to curtsy. If a member of the Royal Family offers a handshake first, then this is also acceptable. Meghan, however, was caught hugging a charity worker named Alice Thompson during a trip to Scotland. “Outside the shop, I went to shake her hand, and she nudged it out of the way and embraced me with a cuddle.”.


Wear See-Through Outfits

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry released official photos following the news of their engagement, and Markle was captured wearing a $75,000, sheer look Ralph & Russo dress in the photo. While the photo showed no obvious cleavage or slip-up, the sheer look of the dress proved to be a concern to some, which was enough for it to be the last time Meghan wears something of the sort in public or for official photographs. Along with the photos of her being pictured without wearing stockings, this raised a few eyebrows.


Eat Shellfish

It has been reported that Prince Charles and Camilla take their own alcohol with them when traveling to avoid their drinks potentially being spiked. Another thing Royals apparently avoid, is shellfish, to prevent possible dangers of food poisoning or a possible allergic reaction. The Royals would want to avoid this because of their health, of course, but also so it does not stop them from performing their important duties. It is known that, while some Royals may have tried it once or twice in their life, the Queen never has.


Live In A Regular House

Once Meghan Markle and Prince Harry become husband and wife they are expected to move into royal residence. It is the Royal protocol that any Royal couple home would require an association with the Queen, meaning no current royal family live in a ‘regular house.’ While they are currently living in Kensington Palace’s Nottingham cottage, they will be moving into a 21-bedroom apartment in Kensington Palace’s Apartment 1A. Their new home, which is currently being renovated, is next door to Prince William and Kate.


No More Lifestyle Website

One passion that Meghan Markle needed to sacrifice before tying the knot with Harry was her lifestyle website, The Tig, which she recently shut down with a heavy heart. She left a heartwarming farewell letter, which is still on the site’s homepage. “What began as a passion project (my little engine that could) evolved into an amazing community of inspiration, support, fun and frivolity,” Meghan wrote. “You’ve made my days brighter and filled this experience with so much joy.”

rules 2

Can’t Avoid Politicians Anymore

It is well documented that Meghan Markle is not a fan of politicians and even tried to avoid President Donald Trump after being invited to a game of golf a couple of years ago. However, as part of the Royal Family, she won’t have the choice and will need to attend any future meetings with Members of Parliament. “I can see that this is going to be a real problem in the months and years ahead for her, an existential problem,” historian Robert Lacey said.

rules 1

She Must Have Myrtle In Her Bouquet

It might not seem like such a big deal, but Meghan’s bouquet must have myrtle at her wedding. The tradition, that Royal brides carry a bit of myrtle around with them on their big day, began during the times of Queen Victoria. When her daughter, Princess Victoria, carried her bridal flowers back in 1858, she also carried myrtle. Other royal brides such as the Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Princess Diana all carried myrtle on their wedding days.

rules 4

Can’t Marry In The U.S.

Meghan may be an American citizen but, when she marries Prince Harry, there is a chance she will have to give this up. Meanwhile, there is no chance the couple could get married in America or anywhere other than England for that matter. Prince Harry and his soon-to-be-Duchess wouldn’t be able to be part of the British Royal Family if they were to marry elsewhere. As seen in the past, British Royal weddings are a huge, official affair, with some of the most important people attending.


No Short Hemlines

You may have noticed a change in Meghan Markle’s appearance since she became romantically linked to Prince Harry. The reason is that ever since it was announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be tying the knot, Meghan had to start following specific dress requirements now she was set to become a Royal. Short dresses, short shorts, and anything too revealing are no longer considered to be acceptable attire for the Duchess of Sussex and, for that reason, Meghan has adopted a more conservative style.


How To Hold Her Cup Of Tea

We are sure this is one of the first things Meghan learned when she was set to become a member of the Royal family since she will be having tea with the Queen from time to time. Etiquette expert Myka Meier told People magazine that there is a certain way Meghan will have to hold her cup of tea. The traditional way of holding a cup of tea is to use your thumb and index finger to hold the top of the handle and use your middle finger for support.


Morning Sickness Is Made Public

When Kate Middleton suffered terrible morning sickness during all three of her pregnancies, the world became aware of it. Kate’s morning sickness was so severe that it had a clinical name – hyperemesis gravidarum, which the official royal website explained is “very acute morning sickness, which may require supplementary hydration, medication, and nutrients.” If Meghan’s pregnancy proves to be as difficult as her sister-in-law’s, then Meghan will not be suffering in secret because royal officials will make it public knowledge.


No Baby Shower

It has become popular for expecting mothers to hold, or be held, a baby shower before they give birth. However, the purpose of a baby shower is to “shower” the mother with gifts she can use when the baby is born, and for an expecting royal, this would be considered “bad taste.” That is why no royal mother, not even Kate Middleton or Princess Diana, who sometimes liked to change things up, had a baby shower. We don’t think for one moment that the baby will be deprived of toys!


Refrain From More Comfortable Shoes

Even though swollen feet is a common and normal change for pregnant women, expecting royals must maintain decorum by keeping their toes covered no matter what. No matter how swollen their feet are, or how hot the temperature is outside during royal engagements, royals cannot wear comfy shoes which will show their toes. This is why you would have often seen Kate still wearing heels during her pregnancy, as well as other expecting royals, and Meghan will be no different.


No Traveling Overseas

This one may come as a surprise considering Meghan Markle’s pregnancy news was announced as she touched down in Sydney, Australia, but royals are advised not to travel at all during their pregnancies. With Australia being on the other side of the world to England, Meghan Markle has already traveled pretty far while pregnant. It has been reported that Meghan sought doctors’ advice before embarking on her tour of Australia with Prince Harry, and it seems she was given the all-clear.


No Gender Reveal

As soon a member of the royal family announces they are expecting a child, the world guesses what gender they could be having. However, a royal must never reveal the gender to the public in advance of the birth should they already know. Princess Diana, for example, learned she was having a boy when she was pregnant with Prince Harry, but she did not even tell Prince Charles, let alone the public. It is only when the baby is born that the public will learn of their gender.


She Has To Travel With Clothes Suitable For Mourning

Queen Elizabeth II was on vacation with Prince Phillip when she got word that her father had sadly died. While she immediately flew home following the news, she had to wait on the plane when she landed until black clothing was brought to her to wear so she would be seen in appropriate mourning attire. It has since, therefore, become a rule that all members of the Royal family must always travel with mourning clothing in case they are in a similar position.


No Longer Meghan Markle

While the world may know the former actress as Meghan Markle, the new member of the Royal family can no longer use her former last name. While it is unclear if she took Harry’s last name of Mountbatten-Windsor, her official title is Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex, as well as, Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales. While Meghan may have chosen to keep her last name, everyone else will have to address her by her Royal titles.


No Baseball Caps

In previous times, Meghan Markle would sometimes make red carpet appearances wearing a baseball cap. Those days are long behind the new Duchess of Sussex, however, and the only headgear permitted for the former actress when making public appearances are berets and fancy hats. Of course, she is also allowed to wear tiaras and even got to wear the Queen’s very own diamond tiara for her big day when she married Prince Harry. That is certainly a great “something borrowed” for the bride!


Taking Part In A Six Month Course

It has been reported that the Queen has selected one of her senior aides to work with Meghan for the next six months to train her on exactly how to act like a Royal. The training, which has supposedly already started, is by 49-year-old Samantha Cohen who has moved from Buckingham Palace to Kensington Palace for the job. The schedule is said to be demanding, but Meghan should be used to this from her acting days and we think she will have no problem getting in tip-top shape for her role as a Royal.


Get Married Whenever

Similarly to the rules regarding their wedding location, Harry and Meghan can’t just get engaged or married whenever they like. Under Royal Marriages Act 1772, a royal engagement must be approved by the Queen, and the Queen almost always attends the weddings in person. Therefore, before it becomes public knowledge, let alone the couple’s own families, there are many hoops a Royal couple have to go through before getting engaged. The couple then has to follow certain rules and guidelines for their wedding also.


Never Play Monopoly Again

This one may surprise many since it perhaps wouldn’t be expected. Following claims made by The Telegraph, Meghan Markle will never be allowed to play another game of Monopoly again. The British newspaper stated that Prince Andrew revealed that the popular board game is forbidden in the royal household. While most royal laws are for a good reason, this one is because “it gets too vicious.” Perhaps this is not an actual law but still a rule they happen to follow.


Can’t Have A Baby Out Of Wedlock

The world gushed at the announcement that Prince William and Kate were welcoming their third child, and in April 2018 they announced the arrival of the new Prince of England. Prince Louis plays brother to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who have already won the hearts of millions around the world. With the Royal wedding soon impending, talks of more royal babies have circulated. However, do not expect any pregnancy announcement from Prince Harry and Meghan before the wedding, as Royals are not permitted to have a baby out of wedlock.