These Images Alone Will Make You Fear The Ocean

While life underwater can seem to be a beautiful and mysterious place, many incidents have proven that it can also be a very dangerous and harmful one. That certainly has not stopped the many scuba divers, surfers, and swimmers out there from exploring the vast, big ocean, but these pictures may make them re-think doing so. You have probably heard of the one or two incidents that have occurred while a swimmer was out at sea, but there are many more creatures and underwater dangers that have been encountered in people’s lives.

Mind The Ray

From the Great White Shark to the creatures that lurk in the deep water, there are many times people have had a surprising and unexpected visitor join them on their journey.


While this woman may be trying to be zen in the ocean alongside a giant manta ray, we are unsure as to how she feels peace next to such a massive creature. While they are generally peaceful creatures, they can become aggressive when bothered. Let’s hope she’s zen enough!

Going Deep

Exploring the hidden treasures under the sea can be an exhilarating experience, but entering a cave underwater can also be a scary one. Compared to the big, wide ocean, humans are just minuscule creatures who can get lost underneath the surface’s waves.


Many brave divers are known to risk their lives for the thrill of adventure in the sea year after year. However, while this may be appealing to them, we see this as one big, scary thought and an idea we’d never be willing to do.

Is That A Fin…?

Many people think renting a kayak and heading out to sea is a good morning activity. It can be fun, relaxing, and even work as a workout all at the same time.


While this may sound appealing and harmless, sometimes this can take a seriously unexpected turn when a massive shark starts to trail behind the kayak. It’s perhaps the last thing you want to see when sitting in a kayak in the middle of the sea, and this guy would have had to think quickly while out alone.

Bottomless Pit

It seems that this lady was up for some risks one afternoon when her casual swim in the ocean turned into a quick cave dive. Not only is she just in a bikini and not the full diving gear, but it also looks as though this risk taker has gone down without an oxygen tank.


The thought of diving in a cave is frightening enough for us, but going to such depths without a breathing apparatus leaves us wth so many questions.

Not Ideal For Snorkeling

Sometimes going for a refreshing swim can be completely ruined when this beast makes an appearance. A relaxing and refreshing activity could become completely stressful and scary if a whale shark such as this is seen swimming next to you.


After all, a whale shark is the largest non-cetacean animal and a typical adult male measures 32 feet long and weighs up to 20,000 pounds. With their mouths being equally as big, at almost 5 feet wide and containing 350 sharp teeth, this creature should be avoided at all costs.

Eel Garden

Eels are basically the ocean’s equivalent of the land snake, with these underwater creatures being just as slimy, slithery, and creepy as the ones we see in the grass.


Since an adult eel can weigh up to 55 pounds and reach lengths of several feet, it is definitely a sea creature you do not want to come across, nor mess with. Seeing a collection of eels together in this picture proves that a situation can really take a turn for the worse and this is somewhere you don’t want to end up.

Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned

If you are ever to encounter a sign such as this, we would advise you to do exactly as it says. If the words don’t do enough to stop you from going in the cave, then maybe the Grim Reaper holding a scythe, and the addition of victims will do.


While there may be some daredevils out there who believe they are invincible, the sign explicitly expresses how many people have died after going beyond this sign, and the same outcome can happen even to the most untouchable.

Safety Cage?

For many, but not including ourselves, shark diving is considered to be a safe and fun tourist activity. Thrill seekers can get up close and personal with sharks in the area when they descend into the water in complete scuba diving gear.


The reason it is considered to be ‘safe’ is that the divers are protected from the sharks by the steel bars of the cage which separates them from the creatures. Meanwhile, however, in Mexico things went terribly wrong when a Great White Shark managed to force himself into the cage.

A Whale Of A Time

There is little that can save and protect you when you come face to face with a humpback whale. The creature, which weighs several tons, can destroy us small humans with just its tail, reminding us that, while we may be at the top of the food chain on land, we are in another world underwater.


Even with all our intelligence and all the weapons in the world, nothing can help us if we are underwater and meet the wrath of such a creature.

That’s Gotta Sting

When jellyfish season rolls around, it is probably best to avoid the sea and escape any unwanted stings and unsightly red marks. While many of us have unfortunately experienced the pain that comes from getting stung by a jellyfish, it is most likely from a creature the size of a plastic bag.


If we can look on the bright side, at least we did not face an interaction with a jellyfish the size of the one in this photo because we probably wouldn’t be here to tell the tale.

Slimy Sea Plant

Knowing there is a whole other world and different types of life underwater, it is no surprise that our reflex is to jump at even the slightest feeling against our leg when taking a swim. The fear strikes us that it could be a jellyfish, an eel, or even, if we’re extremely unlucky, a shark.


Sometimes, however, it’s just some unharmful algae-covered seaweed. While it may not be harmful, the sight of this algae is creepy enough to make you want to leave the sea immediately.

Into The Abyss

Jacob’s Well in Texas is a hotspot for countless visitors each year, with many divers risking their lives to get in on the action in this cave.


While these risk-takers would never peer over the edge of a cliff on land, there is something about hoping to make it to the bottom of this chasm that gives them the crazy idea of going in. With depths of up to 4,500 feet from the surface, eight people have sadly lost their lives while attempting to explore this cave.

Great Catch

There’s no greater feeling for a fisherman then heading out to sea and making some unexpected catches. With it being such a profitable job, this fisherman became one happy man after his day out at sea.


However, we fail to see the excitement over such a catch, which just looks like one terrifying, giant-sized centipede. With it resembling one of our least favorite creepy crawlies, we’re certainly happy that we were not the ones catching such a creature on a day out fishing.

What IS That?

If we peeked over the bridge during our walk through the town to see this creature lurking in the water, we would leave the town for good.


Even with all the work that is carried out by marine biologists and scientists to discover the foreign world that is the ocean, there are still many mysteries yet to be discovered. Therefore, this is probably a clear example of something surfacing without explanation, and we would rather not be anywhere close when the creature makes another unexpected turn.

Surf Nightmare

The sight of a good wave fills any surfer with happiness and causes him to head straight to the ocean. However, the sight of a wave with the shadow of a shark is not going to have the same effect.


While trying to catch some waves in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Nigeria, this poor surfer got the shock of his life. While he may have got back to shore in one piece, this is a frequent site for shark sightings, so he’d better be more careful.

Vampire Squid

While you may think this is not real, it is time to think again. That’s right, the stuff that nightmares are made of is, in fact, lurking somewhere in the ocean.


For obvious reasons, this creature is named the Vampire Squid and can only be found in extremely deep sea water, meaning you are not likely to have an encounter with one while swimming near the beach. Even though the creature is not normally very dangerous to humans, we are still hoping to never have to test our luck with one.

Close Call

Anyone who sets out to sea most definitely does not want to encounter any dangerous ocean creatures, especially a shark. While at first glance this may look like a picture that has been photoshopped, it is, in fact, a legitimate photo that was published in the National Geographic magazine.


The publication did reveal that the man in the picture is an experienced seafarer and got back to shore unscathed, but this certainly puts us off renting a kayak anytime soon.

Tsunami Warning

When a tsunami hits, it proves to be one of the most deadly natural disasters on the planet, and some places are more prone to one than others.


These giant destructive waves have a history of wiping out entire villages, towns, homes, and livelihoods, all due to the shifting of tectonic plates on the ocean floor. The pressure of the waves is said to amount to thousands of pounds and is too heavy even to be contained or prevented. This means sadly, that many people are affected badly whenever a tsunami strikes.

Don’t Look Back

If we thought being in a kayak when a shark was nearby was bad, then this seriously has us feeling nervous. Mick Fanning, the man in the photo, is an Australian professional surfer who was competing in an international contest in South Africa when this picture was captured.

During the competition, the shark decided to circle him, which must have made him feel nervous after suffering minor injuries from a shark attack two years prior. This time around, he was fortunately brought to safety before any serious incident took place.

Hang 10?

When trying to catch some great waves out in the ocean, nothing could be worse than a shark suddenly appearing and taking away all the enjoyment.


Since surf boards look like seals, which are a shark’s favorite prey, they often end up biting surfers because of it. The surfers have apparently caught a glimpse of the shark lurking beneath the waters, but once that surfer got up on that wave, there was not so much he could do. We can only hope all was safe and sound in the end.

Aerial View

When looking out into the ocean while standing on the beachfront, there is little we really see of the activity taking place in the underwater world. This birds-eye view shows exactly how quickly and majorly the landscape of the ocean can change.


Just off this island, the sand has seemed to promptly drop into this massive underwater cliff, which we would be none the wiser ever existed. Let’s hope we never come across such a steep drop while swimming in the ocean.

Why The Sad Face?

You may spend most of your days avoiding people you do not want to see, but could you imagine ever coming face to face with such a creature? It’ll make you wish all those people you were avoiding were staring back at you instead.


This blobfish lurks on the bottom of the ocean floor and stays far enough away from any casual swimmers. Therefore, you are not likely to encounter such an ugly face at any point during your lifetime.

Why, Hello There

When it is a clear sunny day, and you’re out in the ocean, you can often catch a glimpse of your reflection in the water. However, imagine looking down only to see this face looking back up at you!


The razor-sharp teeth are a far cry from those of humans, and a Great White Shark is more dangerous than anyone swimming past. Hiding just below the surface, this deadly predator is just waiting for his next feeding, and he was certainly ready to bite.

Trouble In Paradise?

In 2004, one of the world’s biggest natural disasters hit after a massive underwater 9.1 magnitude earthquake was triggered on the sea floor. The earthquake resulted in what has become known as the Indian Ocean Tsunami, and the deadly waves reached all the way from Asia to Somalia.


Thailand was one of the countries that got hit the worst, and the 170,000 people from the village in the photograph below lost their lives from the tsunami. This disaster proved to be one of the deadliest in the world.

Real Life Horror Movie

The photo below caught the Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis cemetery in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, just moments before a tidal wave hit it.


While this is something you only imagine to see as part of the storyline in horror movies, this real-life event took place in 2018, with the waves reaching over 30 feet high. With waves this high and with such strength, there is no way anyone, or anything, can prevent severe damage and chaos in such a place, making it a dangerous natural disaster.

Hurricane From Hell

Just as earthquakes and tsunamis having devastating effects on the world, hurricanes are another destructive force on our planet. Due to the dangerously high winds, the heavy sea water is blasted to damaging heights and can cause severe damage.


These 40-foot waves shown in the photo were off the coast of Outer Banks, North Carolina, when a major hurricane hit. When man-made structures are pitted against mother nature in such a scenario, they have a very slim chance of withstanding or surviving.

No One Can Hear You Scream

If you are ever scared of getting lost in the ocean, do not think that there is a force in numbers to help matters. While it is known that “In space, no one can hear you scream,” it seems that there has been an overlooked issue even closer to home.


While a scuba diver was out exploring the great mysteries of the deep ocean, he faced some serious problems. Meanwhile, his friends were on their own adventure, and there is no way of hearing anyone scream underwater either.

What Are You Doing Here?

Maybe it’s just us, but when we see ancient ruins, it freaks us out. How the heck did this giant statue make it all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor?

Was this in the middle of a town that sank because of an earthquake or got submerged because of a massive tsunami? While we figure that this statue is religious in nature, we can’t help but imagine these outstretched arms as a cry for help.

The Stuff Of Nightmares

Believe it or not, that terrifying creature from the scariest scene in Finding Nemo is actually real! The anglerfish has got to be one of the freakiest looking creatures on planet Earth. Luckily, you’re unlikely to encounter them while taking a dip.

Why? Because these creatures exclusively dwell either on, or very near, the ocean floor. The fish’s scary appearance is due to the fact that they’ve evolved a to have a small light in order to catch their prey.

Aliens From Down Under

Even though we like to think of outer space as the “final frontier,” in reality, humans still haven’t explored or mapped the majority of the ocean.

There’s a whole other world going on beneath the surface of the waves, and due to extreme darkness and technology that’s not yet advanced enough, there could be a whole slew of bizarre creatures living down below that we have no idea about. Example: this freaky, unknown thing that washed ashore!

Mutants Of The Deep

That’s quite a catch! We have no idea what this freaky looking creature actually is, and we’re guessing that the fisherman who snagged him doesn’t have a clue either.

This creature’s face looks exactly like the Velociraptor dinosaur and from those razor sharp teeth in its mouth, we think it’s safe to assume that this guy is a bloodthirsty predator like his extinct lookalike. It’s scary to imagine this guy lurking just under the surface while you’re swimming!

Curiouser and Curiouser

In Mexico, sightings of all sorts of wild ocean creatures are relatively common. This fisherman seems to be keeping his cool despite the fact that some giant creature is checking him out very closely.

It looks to us that, luckily, this is some type of giant whale that’s friendly to humans, but it’s freaky to know that with one brief flip of its tail, it could easily destroy this flimsy boat – and possibly end this fisherman’s life!

Into The Abyss

Nietzsche said, “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you..” What does that mean?


We’re not sure exactly, but we’d guess something along the lines of: “If you focus too much on something you hate, you can end up losing yourself. This diver looks to be ready for a descent into an abyss, and we’re freaked out.


Some people live life for the adrenaline rush – look at how popular skydiving is! But free diving in open water is even riskier. Unlike skydiving, there’s no parachute to save you if you end up getting in over your head – literally.

Every year, hundreds of free drivers bite off more than they can chew and end up losing their lives trying to get a thrill. There are also countless injuries, some of which can be life-changing, due to oxygen deprivation.

Big Brother Is Watching You

What creature does this predatory gaze belong to? It almost looks like a big cat, just underwater, and you’re on the right track. This seal, aptly named the leopard seal, has a lot in common with its Sahara dwelling namesake.

As you might have guessed, this creature is a vicious carnivore always looking for its next meal. It actually has razor sharp canine teeth just like a lion or tiger, and even freakier, it can grow up to 13 feet long!


The scariest thing in life is realizing how small and helpless we truly are. For example, many people get freaked out when they’re standing in the observation deck of a tall building and they see how the people below look to be around the size of an ant.

Sometimes people don’t like looking out the window while flying for the same reason. This pic shows us how we’re not in control when there are beasts twenty times our size around us!

No Protection

The last thing we would do if we encountered a Great White Shark is stop in front of it and take a photo. Since it is one of the deadliest creatures on Earth, a more favorable option would be to ensure you get back to shore safely.


While Sharks are not out hunting for humans, there have been a recorded 139 human deaths related to Great White Shark attacks in the last 20 years, so you can never be too careful when out in the ocean.

Raging Bull

If you leave whales be, they will be their typical gentle selves; but if a whale feels threatened, or thinks that their babies are in danger, then they will not hesitate to act. When this whale came charging at the small fishing boat floating nearby, it was pretty terrifying.


It is unknown what got the whale angry, but it was sure to inflict damage on impact alone. While everyone involved in the incident survived on this occasion, the boat certainly did not – that is too much muscle for one boat to handle.

Eight-Armed Foe

While going scuba diving can allow you to see the hidden creatures lurking in the deep sea, there is an underwater monster you do not want to become tangled up with.


A giant octopus, with its eight long arms, can cause danger just by ripping off your oxygen pack from your back, leaving you breathless while so far from the surface. Moreover, the octopus can leave a human be, but it will beat the diver up if it feels threatened.

Vicious Eel

When this Australian businessman went to explore the ocean, he had a serious incident with a huge eel. Not only did the eel bit the side of his mouth, making a huge hole in his face, but air bubbles were leaking, and the Australian was losing more and more oxygen.


Somehow, the diver kept his cool and managed to get himself to the surface where he was immediately taken to the hospital. While he had reconstructive surgery and made a full recovery, he says he will never dive again, and we can’t blame him!

Freaky Creature

Yes, this does really and truly exist and is a real-life animal that is somewhere out in the ocean. Fortunately, this enormous creature stays far away from light, and far away from human beings, meaning you are not going to see one of these in your life, hopefully.


Yet, just knowing that something of this monstrosity exists proves there is more beyond our wildest imaginations in the ocean. Whoever came face to face with this creature to get this photo, meanwhile, must still be having nightmares.