Stay In An Igloo You Built Yourself At This Swiss Ice Hotel


If you ever dreamed of building an igloo big enough to sleep in when you were a kid, now is your chance to fulfill that dream. The hotel called Iglu-Dorff, which is located in Stansstad, Switzerland, is rebuilt from scratch every winter as the surrounding mountains are once again covered in a thick carpet of snow.

Though Iglu-Dorff is far from the only ice hotel in the world, it stands out from its peers in a number of ways. Most importantly, guests can choose to construct an igloo themselves if they so desire. The hotel will provide all of the tools, as well as supplies so guests can get a comfortable night’s sleep in the frigid conditions.

Temperature’s in the area tend to be quite frosty in the evenings, but the snowy dwellings will protect guests from the gusting wind. What’s more is that both sheepskins as well as sleeping bags designed to be used in weather as cold as -40 degrees.

According to the CEO, Aldo Balatti, “Depending on the size and the amount of people building it, a usual small igloo, where you can sleep in with two people takes one day with two people to build it. It is very romantic to build a house of your own, even if it is out of snow.”

Building an igloo might not be an activity for everyone, in which case, the hotel will also offer pre-built igloos for guests. The most basic snow rooms include beautifully carved ice sculptures in the walls, though others offer more comfortable amenities.

Some of the most decked out igloos also include wooden floors, rugs, or even amazingly, a fireplace. The hotel itself is more of a novelty to try for a single night, rather than something to plan an entire vacation around, given the cold temperatures. Even so, there’s plenty on offer for guests who visit.