80s Heartthrobs – Where Are They Now?


They made us fall in love with their handsome looks during the 80’s, but what has happened to these hunks a few decades later?

Philip Michael Thomas | Then

Philip is most famous for his role in the hit 1980’s series, Miami Vice, playing detective Ricardo Tubbs. While he did have a successful run on the series for five years, and earned himself a Golden Globe nomination, he didn’t have the same success with his musical career.


Philip Michael Thomas | Now

Thomas tried his luck several times with his music but this career path proved to be unsuccessful for the actor, and his albums failed to achieve any success. He did lend his voice to video games including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Vice City Stories. Meanwhile, Thomas married Kassandra Thomas in 1986, and the couple had five children together – Noble, Kharisma, Sovereign, Sacred, and Imaj.  They divorced in 1998, while Thomas also had another six children from previous relationships – Sacha, Khrishna, India, Gabriel, Chayenne, and Melody.


Ralph Macchio | Then

Best known for his role as Daniel LaRusso in the Karate Kid, no one could ever forget Ralph Macchio after he won the hearts of girls everywhere with his strong Jersey accent. Although he played a teenager in the film, he was actually 22 and married at the time. Furthermore, Macchio had no intentions on one day becoming an actor and took tap lessons from a young age. He was first discovered when he was 16 while performing at a local recital and won the role in The Outsiders in 1983.


Ralph Macchio | Now

His youthful appearance may have landed him the big role in the Karate Kid, but it also worked to his disadvantage. His appearance prevented him from getting more grown-up roles and, although he had success in 1992 with My Cousin Vinny, he failed to get more leading roles after that. These days, Ralph no longer looks like a kid but is still undeniably handsome. He starred as Joe Stefano in Hitchcock in 2012, and came forth in Dancing with the Stars in 2011. Ralph married his childhood sweetheart in 1987, and they have two children.


Kenneth Branagh | Then

Sir Kenneth Branagh is a British actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. Born in Belfast, Ireland, he directed and starred in several film adaptations of William Shakespeare’s plays, including Henry V in 1989. Having originally trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, Branagh achieved great success on stage, but also in film and on television. In 1989, Branagh filmed alongside Emma Thompson in the Renaissance revival of Look Back in Anger, and that same year the two co-stars went on to marry.

Kenneth Branagh | Now

Kenneth’s marriage to Thompson lasted until 1995, and it has been revealed that the actor was having an affair with Helen Bonham Carter during his marriage, having starred in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein together. The two went public with their romance after Thompson filed for divorce, but it wasn’t to last. In 2003, he married Lindsay Brunnock, a film art director, after meeting on the set of Shackleton. Branagh’s work has been highly praised, having been nominated for five Academy Awards, five Golden Globes, and he has won an Emmy and three BAFTAs.


Alan Ruck | Now

Since starring in the 80’s hit, Ruck has grown out of his youthful looks and made appearances in films such as The Happening and Don’t You Forget About Me, which was a documentary about the life of John Hughes. He has also made television appearances in Scrubs and Stargate Atlantis, and returned to the stage in 2005. That is when he met his wife, Mireille Enos, with whom he shares a daughter. In 2010, Ruck landed himself a starring role in the summer mini-series, Persons Unknown.

James Reyne | Then

Although born in Nigeria, James Reyne is an Australian rock musician and singer/songwriter, who started a solo career but was a member of the band Australian Crawl until 1986. The band sold an impressive one million albums in Australia in the 1980s. Reyne was voted Most Popular Male Performer in both 1980 and 1981, and even after the band broke up, Reyne went on to have a very successful solo career. His first two singles from his solo album, “Fall of Rome” and “Hammerhead” were top 10 hits in Australia.

James Reyne | Now

Reyne has continued to release singles over the years, and was honored with the Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division “for service to the performing arts as a singer/songwriter, and through support for a range of charitable organizations.” He has also made several film appearances and is the father of Neighbours actor Jamie-Robbie Reyne. In 2014, Reyne performed a series of shows across Australia after he launched a “James Reyne Plays Australian Crawl,” where he only sang songs from the Australian Crawl catalog.


Craig McLachlan | Then

Craig McLachlan is an award-winning Australian actor, musician, singer, and composer who is best known for playing Kylie Minogue’s on-screen brother in the hit Australian soap opera, Neighbours. Having played the role of Henry Ramsey for more than 800 episodes, McLachlan won the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television in 1990.  He was later cast to play schoolteacher Grant Mitchell in Home and Away. This 80’s hunk also enjoyed international success in a pop music career, with hits in both the Australian and UK charts.


Craig McLachlan | Now

After starring in three seasons of the BBC television series, Bugs, Craig had more television and film roles. McLachlan returned to Australia in 2012 to work on a new TV series, The Doctor Blake Mysteries and plays the title role of Dr. Lucien Blake. He was unable to return to Neighbours for the show’s 30th anniversary celebrations due to schedule conflicts with his series role, but agreed to take part in the documentary special, Neighbours 30th: The Stars Reunite, which aired in Australia and the UK in March 2015.


Rick Springfield | Then

Rick Springfield was born Richard Lewis Springthorpe in 1949 and is an Australian singer, instrumentalist, songwriter, actor, and author. He was a member of the pop rock group, Zoot, from 1969 to 1971 but then began his own solo career. He debuted his single, “Speak to the Sky,” in 1972, and moved to the United States. He received a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for his 1981 number one hit, “Jessie’s Girl” and followed with four more top U.S. hits over the next few years.


Rick Springfield | Now

Springfield moved into acting, played the role of Dr. Noah Drake on the daytime drama, General Hospital, from 1981 to 1983. Springfield later returned to the show and his former role after 23 years. Springfield returned in 2005 to 2008, and again in 2012 and 2013 to mark the show’s 50th anniversary. In 2016, the musician was cast in the 12th season of the CW series, Supernatural, on which he played the role of Vince Vincente. Springfield has been married to his wife Barbara Porter since 1984, and the couple have two children together – Liam and Joshua.


Richard Dean Anderson | Then

Anderson shot to fame when he played the role of Dr. Jeff Webber in the American soap opera, General Hospital. He is best known for his lead role as Angus MacGyver in the hit 1980’s television series, MacGyver. After enduring a successful seven year stint on the show up until 1992, Anderson tried his talents in film, but once again returned to television when he was chosen as the lead role once again in the series, Stargate SG-1.


Richard Dean Anderson | Now

MacGyver seems to be the most prominent role that Anderson secured during his career, and his roles after revolved around his 80’s fictional character. He briefly reprised his role as MacGyver in a MasterCard commercial during the 2006 Super Bowl XL, and he was invited as a guest star on an episode of The Simpsons – a show he is a massive fan of – to voice himself when Marge’s sisters kidnap him, since MacGyver was their longstanding heartthrob. Aside from his career, he has one daughter.


Bryan Adams | Then

Bryan Adams is a Canadian singer who has achieved worldwide success for his music. He first rose to fame with his album, “Cuts Like a Knife,” in 1983, and became a global star with his follow-up album, “Reckless,” in 1984. Some of the songs from this album include Adams’ best hits such as, “Run to You” and “Summer of ’69.” His single, “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You,” was number one in many countries, and held this spot for 16 consecutive weeks on the UK charts.


Bryan Adams | Now

Adams has been honored with 20 Juno Awards and 15 Grammy Award nominations. He won the award for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television in 1992. He has also been nominated five times for a Golden Globe Award and three times for an Academy Award for his musical contributions in several films. Bryan was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in March 2011 and was ranked 38 on the list of All-Time top artists in the Billboard Hot 100 50th Anniversary Charts in 2008. He is married and has two daughters.


Mark-Paul Gosselaar | Then

Who could ever forget the ultimate teen heartthrob that was Mark-Paul Gosselaar? Playing the good-looking high school star on the screen, Mark is best known for his portrayal as Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell. He later reprised the role in a TV movie, Saved by the Bell: the College Years, and a second spin-off series, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, alongside his former co-stars. There is no denying that Mark will forever be known for his role in the series.


Mark-Paul Gosselaar | Now

Gosselaar appeared on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon in 2009, where he used his character, Zack Morris, to promote his show, Raising the Bar. He appeared once again on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2015 alongside his former co-stars, where they reunited for a Saved by the Bell sketch with Fallon. Gosselaar was married to Lisa Ann Russel for 14 years, with whom he shares two children, and has been married to Catriona McGinn since 2011, with whom he has another two children.


Kirk Cameron | Then

A real 80’s crush and gorgeous hunk was Kirk Cameron. The star of Growing Pains also starred in other TV shows during the time, as well as in films such as Like Father Like Son in 1987, and Listen To Me in 1989. During the last season of the series, Growing Pains, Cameron started to separate himself from the show and turned his focus elsewhere – to religion and his family. Cameron became an Evangelical Minister who is a partner in the religious group, “Way Of The Master.”


Kirk Cameron | Now

Having turned his focus to religion, Kirk has not done much acting since his time on Growing Pains. His religious organization has a cable TV show and a website, and he also made a religious movie in 2013 called Unstoppable. However, the trailer for the film was banned from Facebook and YouTube., with the initial belief, it was because of the religious content. Facebook later admitted it was a mistake by the automated system. Cameron married his on-screen girlfriend, Chelsea Noble, in 1991, and together they have six children.


Fabio | Then

Fabio Lanzoni is best recognized for his long blonde hair and toned physique. The Italian-American actor, fashion model, and spokesman was best known during the 80’s for appearing on the covers of dozens of romance novels. One of Fabio’s most memorable advertising campaigns was for “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” and he appeared in shows such as The Bold and The Beautiful and Acapulco H.E.A.T. He also played himself in films such as Eddie, Spy Hard, and Dude, Where’s My Car?


Fabio | Now

Fabio continues to sport the same locks he had in the 80’s and continues to be a spokesperson for topics he strongly believes in. After his house was burgled, where over $200,000 worth of belongings were stolen, Fabio became an outspoken critic of California gun control legislation and was once a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society. Still very much into his fitness, Fabio launched Healthy Planet Vitamins in 2008 and also has a fitness video called Fabio Fitness. Fabio became an American citizen in 2016.

Christopher Atkins | Then

Atkins made his astonishing debut role alongside Brooke Shields in their 1980’s film, The Blue Lagoon. Having no interest in acting before his role in the film, he was persuaded to audition for the film by his agent, and Atkins managed to beat 2,000 other hopefuls. Having gone to appear in more films after that, he also starred in one season of the hit series, Dallas, between 1983-1984, where he played camp counselor Peter Richards, the character who has an affair with Sue Ellen Ewing.


Christopher Atkins | Now

Although Atkins continued to pursue an acting career following the success of his first film, it seems that his role in The Blue Lagoon will always be what he is best remembered for. In fact, he was nominated for a Golden Globe for New Star of the Year in a Motion Picture for that role, as well as Best Young Actor for the Young Artist Awards. With such success in his teen years, he appeared on VH1’s reality show, Confessions of a Teen Idol, in 2009. 


Lorenzo Lamas-Craig | Then

Lamas-Craig is best known for his portrayal as Lance Cumson on the 1980’s soap opera, Falcon Crest. Having played the irresponsible grandson of Angela Channing since the first episode, Lamas was the only actor to appear in all 227 episodes of the series and won himself a Golden Globe nomination for this role. Sadly, he was also nominated for Worst Actor at the Golden Raspberry Awards in 1984 for his performance in, Body Rock. His track for the film, “Fools Like Me,” was his only single to hit the Billboard 100 chart.


Lorenzo Lamas-Craig | Now

Lamas-Craig played the role of Hector Ramirez on the daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, from 2004 to 2007, but away from his acting career, Lamas-Craig has had his fair share of wives. In fact, he has been married an impressive five times and has been married to his fifth wife since 2011. He also has six children from three different relationships, one of whom he was not married to. In 2009, he had his own reality show, Leave It to Lamas, which was a series about his real-life family.


Mark Hamill | Then

Mark Hamill’s most notable role was when he played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy. He was an instant star after the release of the film. Guys envied his lightsaber and super Jedi skills, and girls adored him. He continued his career in the realm of action figures, cosplayers, and even Legos. In 1977, the talented hunk was involved in a serious car accident after getting distracted while driving his BMW, he later revealed. The accident caused injury to his nose and cheekbone.


Mark Hamill | Now

It seems that Hamill proved to be a one-hit wonder since, after Star Wars, there was not a lot of major sucess for Hamill. He had a stint on the Muppet Show, where he played himself and Luke Skywalker and he has done a great deal of voice work. He has since made a comeback with roles in Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, and The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest. As for his looks, he can now be seen to be sporting a beard and weighs a few pounds more than his Star Wars days.


David Hasselhoff | Then

Hasselhoff may have gained recognition from his role on The Young and The Restless, but he is best known for his television roles on the Knight Rider, in which he starred for four years, and for playing L.A. County Lifeguard, Mitch Buchannon, on the series Baywatch. Having been famously nicknamed as “The Hoff,” he set a Guinness World Record for the most watched man on TV and produced Baywatch from 1990 till the end of the shows running in 2001.


David Hasselhoff  | Now

Hasselhoff returned to The Young and the Restless, reprising his role as “Snapper” in mid-June 2010, but he has primarily been seen on reality television series in recent years, including Dancing with the Stars and America’s Got Talent. He even had his own reality TV show with his two daughters called, The Hasselhoffs, but it was canceled after two episodes. He divorced his second wife, and mother of his children, in 2006, and was given custody of both daughters.


Andrew McCarthy | Then

Andrew McCarthy was a true star in the 80’s and was best known for his role alongside Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink. He was the ultimate hunk and gives us some fond teenage memories. He later turned his attention from acting to writing. He wrote for various magazines and is a contributing editor for the National Geographic Traveler magazine. While he appeared on TV shows now and again, he was very much absent from the silver screen since Pretty in Pink.


Andrew McCarthy| Now

While McCarthy has made several appearances on television shows in recent years, such as on the show White Collar, he has also worked behind the camera as a director. He directed several episodes on CW’s hit series, Gossip Girl, and also directed the Netflix hit show Orange is the New Black. With such a prominent acting role during the 80’s, Andrew is ranked at number 40 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Teen Stars of all-time list. He has been married twice and has three children.


Pat Cash | Then

Pat Cash has had a slightly different career path than the other hunks on this list, but the Australian tennis champ of the 80’s cannot be forgotten. Having been described as one of the greatest net players of all time, Cash was a true talent in his field, and after winning the men’s singles championship at Wimbledon in 1987, he set wave for a new tradition. Having climbed into the stands to celebrate his win, many tennis player winners have followed suit in subsequent years.


Pat Cash | Now

Having retired in 1997, Cash endured a successful tennis career and was inducted into the Sports Australia Hall of Fame in 2005. The former tennis star has been married twice and has four children. It is no surprise that his children would want to follow in their legendary father’s footsteps, and his son, Jett Cash, born in 1994, is an up-and-coming tennis player. Cash also became a grandfather at the age of 44, after his second eldest child, Mia, gave birth to a baby girl in 2010.


Mickey Rourke | Then

Philip Andre Rourke Jr. is definitely best known by his stage name, Mickey. The American star is an actor, screenwriter, and a former boxer. Appearing primarily in drama, action, and thriller films, Rourke is best known for his films during the 80’s such as Diner, Rumble Fish, The Pope of Greenwich Village, and Angel Heart. Rourke decided to leave acting in 1991 and focus primarily on becoming a professional boxer, a sport he trained for in his early years.


Mickey Rourke | Now

Rourke retired from boxing three years later and returned to acting. Having secured supporting roles in several films over the years, he made his big comeback in 2005 when he won the lead role in the neo-noir action thriller, Sin City. After his role in the 2008 film, The Wrestler, Rourke won a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA, and an Academy Award nomination. He has since appeared in films such as Iron Man 2, The Expendables, and Immortals. He has been married twice and is currently in a relationship with Russian model Anastassija Makarenko.


Alan Ruck | Then

Alan Ruck may be recognized for playing Ferris’s best friend in the cult classic, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but was his baby face seen much more after that? Having played 17-year-old Cameron in the film when Ruck himself was actually 29, the 80’s actor won the teenage role thanks to his youthful looks. He had a few more small roles after the 1986 film, and starred in Spin City from 1996 to 2002. Furthermore, Ruck tried his talents on Broadway where he starred in The Producers.


Dennis Quaid | Then

He first appeared on our screens during the 80’s, and there was no denying he was a true hunk of the time. With prominent roles during that era in films such as Jaws 3-D, Innerspace, The Big Easy, and Great Balls of Fire, Quaid proved his success on the big screen. Things turned for the worse during the 1990’s, however, when he suffered from an eating disorder after losing 40 pounds for his role as Doc Holliday in Wyatt Earp, in addition dealing with substance abuse.


Dennis Quaid | Now

Quaid, fortunately, made a comeback to the entertainment business after dealing with his personal issues in the late 90’s. He starred in films such as The Parent Trap and The Day After Tomorrow, and recently played Sheriff Ralph Lamb in the CBS TV drama series, Vegas.  He has been married three times and has three children. Quaid married his second wife, fellow actress, Meg Ryan, after the pair fell in love while filming their second film together, D.O.A.


Tom Selleck | Then

Known as the private investigator, Thomas Magnum, in the television series Magnum, P.I., Selleck is the handsome hunk that has graced our TV screens since the 80’s. Having appeared in more than 50 film and television roles, Selleck is a recognizable actor in Hollywood and has been admired both for his talents and his appearance. While starring in Magnum, P.I., Selleck was not released for any other projects, and therefore had to pass on the role as pass on the role of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Tom Selleck | Now

Selleck has been married to Jillie Mack since 1987, with whom he shares a daughter with, and the couple lives on an avocado farm in California, even though Tom has admitted his distaste for avocados. Selleck has appeared in commercials and on Broadway, as well as in television and film roles since the 80’s. He is probably best known for his more recent role in Friends, where he plays Monica’s older boyfriend, and also for his roles in Las Vegas and Blue Bloods.


Rob Lowe | Then

Lowe rose to stardom as a teen idol in the 80’s, having appeared in films such as The Outsiders and Oxford Blue. He later turned his attention to television. He took on the role as Sam Seaborn in the political drama, The West Wing , and won nominations for a Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards.


Rob Lowe | Now

Despite some flops, Lowe’s success continued past the 80’s, and he became a television star hit. He had a guest star role in the series Brothers & Sisters, but was later chosen to stay on for the remainder of season one, since his initial appearance brought in the best ratings for the show. He began his role in 2007, and Lowe continued to star in the show till the 2009-2010 season, where he decided he no longer enjoyed the storylines. Lowe is married and has two children.


Sean Connery| Then

Connery is best known for being the first actor to portray the character of James Bond in the film franchise. He played this role up until 1983, after starring in seven of the Bond films. He stated that he got bored of playing the huge role and after his final film, he expressed, “I have always hated that damned James Bond. I’d like to kill him”. In 1988, he was honored with an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Untouchables.


Sean Connery| Now

Having been polled as “The Greatest Living Scot” and “Scotland’s Greatest Living National Treasure,” Connery sure made a huge impact as an actor. In 2000, Connery was knighted by Elizabeth II. This was the third time he had been nominated for knighthood, as he was originally nominated in 1997 and 1998 but it was reported that these were vetoed due to Connery’s political views. He is a strong supporter of The Scottish National Party, a party which he has supported financially.


Cary Elwes| Then

British actor, Cary Elwes, is best known for his role as the charming and gorgeous Westley in the cult classic, The Princess Bride. Other big roles for the actor include Arnold in Georgia Rule, and Dr. Lawrence Gordon in Saw. He had attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art as a child and moved to the States in 1981 to study acting at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. Elwes made his acting debut in 1984 in the film, Another Country.


Cary Elwes | Now

In 1997, Elwes was nominated for a Golden Satellite Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made For Television, for his role as Colonel James Burton in The Pentagon Wars. He received another nomination for the award after starring in the movie Uprising. Currently, Elwes plays Arthur Davenport in the series drama, The Art of Moore, after he was chosen for the role in May 2015, which then aired in November that year. The series was then picked up for a second season.