Hugh Grant’s Life Through A Hollywood Microscope


The Success of Hugh Grant

Born in Hammersmith, London, Grant has gone on to become a successful worldwide actor. His first major film role was in 1987 in Maurice, and he has since earned more than $2.4 billion from 25 theatrical releases worldwide. He has long been considered one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, but the beloved British playboy now has a huge announcement. The 57-year-old, best known for starring in films such as Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral, has shocked the world with his most recent move.


Grant Makes An Announcement

Aside from his success as an actor, whereby he has a received a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and an Honorary César for his work, Hugh Grant now makes a huge announcement. Six years ago, Grant met the now 39-year-old Anna Eberstein, a retail director from Sweden. The couple first met in a bar and now they share three children together. Moreover, in May 2018, it was announced that the one-time lothario had finally tied the knot, something many thought Grant would never do.


Hugh’s Long-Term Love

Before meeting the love of his life and settling down, Grant was previously in a high-profile relationship with British model and actress, Elizabeth Hurley. The couple met in 1987 while filming the Spanish production, Remando Al Viento where Grant played Lord Byron, and Hurley played Byron’s former lover, Claire Clairmont. While filming, the two actors began dating and remained a couple for the next 13 years. During that time, they were the focus of attention for both the British and international media, before eventually breaking up in 2000.


A Scandal That Rocked The Boat

Five years before the couple split, their romance hit every media headline, and not in the ways Hurley would have hoped for. Rather, Grant was involved in a serious scandal when it was revealed that the actor had cheated on his girlfriend of eight years with a prostitute. Speaking of this incident in 1995, Grant has since admitted he was an ‘idiot’ and claimed he had a ‘psychological problem.’ Subsequently, Grant was arrested in Los Angeles just a week before his film, Nine Months, was due for release.


Started From The Bottom Together

Meanwhile, Hurley stayed with her actor beau for another five years, and their relationship continued to be at the forefront of all media attention. Speaking of their romance, Grant said, “We’re like brother and sister… I think it’s partly because we went from zero to somewhere together.” He continued, “We went through terrible years at the beginning when neither of us had any work, living in a tiny flat. It was quite bonding.” Since then, they have become successful actors, but their relationship had a different ending.


Staying On Good Terms

The couple split in 2000, and Liz Hurley went onto give birth to a son named Damian Charles Hurley on April 4, 2002. Although the father originally denied paternity of the child, it was confirmed by a DNA test that American businessman Steve Bing was Damian’s father. Meanwhile, Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley had remained good friends following their split, resulting in Liz Hurley appointing Hugh to be the godfather of her new baby boy. Hurley has since been married and divorced.


Saying His True Feelings

While he has played many love interests on screen, Grant never made his feelings on marriage a secret. In 2012, the actor admitted that he was “not a massive believer in marriage.” Some years later, in 2016, Grant insinuated to US radio host Howard Stern that the secret to a happy marriage was having affairs. He said, “Do I think human beings are meant to be in 40-year-long monogamous, faithful relationships? … No.” He added, “I think there’s something unromantic about marriage. You’re closing yourself off.”


Hugh Becomes A Father

While Grant has long been regarded as one of Britain’s most well-known bachelors, he did become a father for the first time in 2011. Grant welcomed a daughter named Tabitha with Tinglan Hong, with whom it was reported the actor had a “fleeting affair,” according to his publicist. In fact, his daughter’s Chinese name is Xiao Xi, meaning “happy surprise.” However, Grant had to miss the birth because of the press intrusion and Hong obtained an injunction to allow him to visit them in peace.


Babis on Board

The following September, a year after welcoming his first child, Grant welcomed his second child, John Mungo Grant, with Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein. However, in 2013, Grant reunited with Hong, and his third child, Felix Grant, was born. At this point, it was confusing to know which lady Grant was romantically linked to, and things got even more complicated when Eberstein gave birth once again to her and Grant’s second child, making that four children for Grant, in 2015.


Welcome Mrs. Grant

In early 2018, Grant and Eberstein welcomed their third child together, although the gender and the birth date are yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile, in May 2018, it was revealed that Grant was engaged and would finally be tying the knot later that month. It was then announced that on May 25, 2018, the actor and father-of-five married Anna Eberstein. While many never thought they’d see the day Hugh Grant would marry, the famous actor expressed his reason for doing so.


A Change Of Heart

Speaking about marriage to USA TODAY, Grant said, “my wife agrees with me that marriage is a pretty preposterous social construct.” However, he continued explaining his change in the decision by stating, “but when you’ve got three children, it’s a nice thing to do.” In fact, much like his Love Actually character drew inspiration from the arrivals gate at Heathrow, it was after an airport experience that the Mickey Blue Eyes star had a change of heart.


Not Everyone Is A Fan

He may have had a way with ladies during his time in the spotlight, but there was one particular person who was not too fond of the British actor. Robert Downey Jr., who filmed alongside Grant for the production of Restoration, revealed that the pair did not get along. He said, “I kinda think he’s a jerk. Don’t know, I just think he is. My personal experience with him is I think he’s this kind of self-important, kind of, like, boring flash-in-the-pan a–hole Brit.”


A Grumpy Londoner

While Downey Jr. took to Twitter in 2018 to make amends and clear the air, to which Grant agreed, this was not the only rival the star made. Grant has revealed that while working with Drew Barrymore on the set of Music & Lyrics, he believes the actress “did hate me a bit.” Moreover, Grant has listed another three leading ladies whom he didn’t get along with while filming together. He noted that Julianne Moore, Rachel Weisz, and, sadly for Notting Hill fans, Julia Roberts, all were not huge fans.


A Strong Resume

In a career spanning over 35 years, and becoming one of the best-known figures in 1990s British pop culture, Grant has managed to build up quite the resume. The actor established himself as a leading man, skilled with comic talent, in films such as Bridget Jones’s Diary, About a Boy, and Florence Foster Jenkins. He also received critical acclaim for his role as Phoenix Buchanan in Paddington 2. However, he is perhaps best-known for one film in particular, which became the breakthrough of his career.


An Actor By Chance

While Hugh Grant did not grow up dreaming of becoming an actor, he said it was a career that developed by happenstance. It so happened to be his true calling, since he has become an international star, and he has Four Weddings and a Funeral to thank for that. At the age of 32, at a time when Grant was considering giving up on acting as a profession, he received the script for Four Weddings and a Funeral.


An International Star

Four Weddings and a Funeral, which was released in 1994, became the highest-grossing British film to date when it made in excess of $244 million in the box office. While the film was a huge success, being nominated for two Academy Awards, it made Hugh Grant an international star overnight. Hugh Grant earned himself a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and a BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. But his biggest fans are actually quite small…


Hugh Grant’s Children

Grant became a father of five in the space of seven years, but only three of his children’s names have been revealed to the public. After his first child Tabitha, his son’s name, John Mungo Grant, is also known. In fact, the actor’s full name is Hugh John Mungo Grant, so it can only be assumed that he named his son after his own name. Meanwhile, his other son is named Felix, and his daughter and newborn’s name remain unknown.


A Real Perfectionist

When it comes to his work ethic, Grant is a self-confessed “committed and passionate” perfectionist while on set. Speaking of the actor, American film critic Dave Kehr has stated that Grant “is known in the film industry as a meticulous performer who takes his time to prepare a role – someone who works hard to make it look easy – though that isn’t a trait he admires in himself.” However, he will demand endless takes until he believes he has gotten the perfect shot.


Legal Battles

Developing more on this point, Grant dropped his agent in 2006 after working for ten years together and admitted he does listen to external views on his career. He stated, “They’ve known for years that I have total control. I’ve never taken any advice on anything.” So much so, that when it came to legal issues during his career, Grant took matters into his own hands. In 1996, Grant won substantial damages from News (UK) Ltd over an article published in 1995.


Having None Of It

The company’s now-defunct newspaper, Today, had published a “highly defamatory” article published in 1995 about the actor. The article falsely claimed that Grant verbally abused a young extra with a “foul-mouthed tongue lashing” on the set of The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain. Grant took action once again in 2007 when he became “tired of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday papers publishing almost entirely fictional articles about my private life for their own financial gain.”


Grant Vs. The Media

In 2011, a scandal broke out when it was discovered that the British newspaper, the News of the World, had been involved in illegal phone tapping. In April that year, Grant published an article in the New Statesman titled, “The Bugger, Bugged” where he discussed a conversation with a former journalist from the newspaper, Paul McMullan. The article attracted a lot of interest, especially for it “turning the tables” on a tabloid journalist, and Grant continued to become a spokesperson against Murdoch’s News Corporation.


Wedding Bells

Speaking on the topic, Grant explained, “I didn’t like going through immigration into countries where they’d say, ‘Everyone with a Grant passport, over here, and all the others through there.’ She went through with the nannies. That seemed all wrong.” So wrong, in fact, that on May 25, 2018, Anna Eberstein officially became Mrs. Grant when she married the famous actor at a registry office. Rather than wearing a traditional wedding gown, the bride chose to wear a blue blouse and a white mini skirt. But not everyone fell for Grant like Ebertstein did…


Grant Gets An Apology

Speaking on becoming quite the spokesperson for such a matter, Grant admitted, “It’s been fascinating to have a little excursion into another world. I really needed that and also to be dealing with real life instead of creating synthetic life, which is what I’ve been doing for the last 25 years.” In February 2018, Mirror Group Newspapers finally apologized for its actions to the likes of people such as Grant, and this came after Grant was rewarded a six-figure sum to settle a High Court action.


One Trick Pony?

For almost all of his mainstream career, Grant has starred in comedies, especially romantic ones, and played characters who are British. While many of his films in the 1990s followed a similar plot, where just like real life, Grant plays an optimistic bachelor hoping to find true love, it has been said that “each performance is unique.” Speaking of his work, Grant said, “I genuinely believe that comedy acting, light comedy acting, is as hard as, if not harder than, serious acting.”


Love Me, Love Me Not

Whereas Grant has been known for his comedic on-screen performances, he is often referred to as “grumpy” by the British media. He has expressed his boredom with playing the celebrity in the press and had spoken of his hope that film stardom would just be “a phase” in his life that would not last more than ten years. However, 35 years later, he is still going strong, and filmmaker Paul Weitz says Grant “perceives flaws in himself and other people, and then he cares about their humanity nonetheless.”