These Employees Had One Job And Hilariously Failed At Them

Anonymous Has A Face

When interviewing this man for Fox News, you would think they would have asked for his name before the interview began. Even if they had, unfortunately, this man’s identity was kept a secret from viewers as it seems the channel’s executives missed the clear ‘Name Here’ instructions.


Sleeping On The Job

Perhaps this employee went to too hard on the drinks the night before at her friends birthday bash that she needed a little more sleep before being able to get any more work done. Our thoughts, however, are that this girl no longer has a job after being caught asleep in her cubicle. On the other hand, she may have been fortunate enough to have not been found lying down on her desk for her quick power nap and woke up before being caught.


Pigs Running Wild

When the editors in the newsroom had one job of positioning the story on screen, they could have used anywhere but the spot that was covering the anchor’s face. For some reason, they chose to do the complete opposite to this, and the anchor looked to have a pigs snout covering her face. While this may have given the editors a serious laugh behind the scenes, the same cannot be said for the news anchor reading out the story.


Wine Not?

While it can be believed that Jesus was able to turn water into wine, we do not think that the Walmart employees were capable of such fortune. With no proof to suggest otherwise, the only other reason for such an error in the grocery store is that there was some possible confusion as to the importance of drinking wine, similar to water. Perhaps the employee wanted to suggest that there was nothing wrong with drinking several glasses of wine a day, giving the same health benefits as water.


Hi My Name Is

It is always nice to know someone on a name to name basis. When ordering your pizza, it would be polite to address someone by their name and be on a more personal level. While Cody may have believed the same, it seems he wanted to have more of a laugh on the job than any personal interaction. That is why Cody swapped his name with the pizza tag, hoping that he would be addressed as “Deluxe Sausage.” It seems his manager did not find the same humor in this.


Heart Breaking News

It was breaking news when Osama Bin Laden was reported dead, and the story made it to every news channel. However, Fox40 News made one major error just by misplacing a letter in the name. Instead of reporting that Osama was dead, they titled him as “Obama.” Of course, Obama was another significant name at the time as Barack Obama was the President of the United States. Hopefully, the news anchor knew the difference when reporting of the story, but the mistake would have certainly shocked viewers.


Not On Sure Footing

This column took a hard-hitting and was in need of a serious patch up before tumbling to the ground. However, whoever was chosen for the job, clearly thought that covering the bricks tightly in plastic would do just the trick. Looking at this photograph, we would have to beg to differ, and cannot imagine that this column lasted much longer. In fact, this is a serious danger hazard to any pedestrians walking past as it could have fallen at any moment. This calls for some serious professional work.


Abnormal Anatomy

We reckon it was too early in the morning for this billboard hanger to get the job right, that it came out in the wrong order. In this case, however, shoppers can now see the ensemble as two separate pieces, rather than a complete outfit as shown on the model. While this would not have been the intent of the company wishing to advertise their clothing, it could be a marketing technique that actually works in their favor. Sometimes mistakes have positive outcomes, which was hopefully the case in this.


Parking Lot Of Doom

Whoever entered this parking lot, was set up for a complete disaster. Somehow, the workers had completely messed up the layout of this car park, and we are not entirely sure how. Perhaps there was no planning beforehand, or perhaps they were not thinking straight that day. What was straight enough, was the layout of the parking spots, which was not good for anyone hoping to leave their car, let alone manage to park their car in the first place.


Safety First

When working with dangerous power tools and hazardous equipment, you would hope that workers ensure all health and safety procedures are followed. Not for this guy, however, who would cause a wave of panic for anyone just looking at this photo. While working with fire right next to gas cylinders should be known to be a clear error for anyone, it seems that this worker was testing his fate. Moreover, how is there someone taking a photo of this and not saving both of them from a complete disaster?


Got Spirt

Every cheerleading squad is expected to spirit, and these girls were keen to show it off. However, it seems that they need to pay more attention in their English class than their cheerleading moves, or perhaps check their spelling before taking anything to the field. Cheerleaders are already stereotyped for not being the brightest bulbs, and this sign was certainly not going to help this stereotype from changing anytime soon. While this was not ideal for these four cheerleaders, the crowd would have certainly reveled in this.


Anything For Pizza

It seems that nothing was going to stop this employee getting the pizza to the customer, not even her car falling into a ditch. With the pizza place having a strict ’30 minutes and it’s at your doorstep’ policy, this girl was going to get that pizza to the front door in time. With her salary at risk, if she was late, she was going to have to deal with her car situation after the delivery was made. In our eyes, that is deserving being awarded employee of the month!


Taking It Slow

Sometimes you need a little breather when on the job. Often stress can get the better of you, or a colleague could have said something you didn’t like. However, working as the mailman allows you to be free of all this, so it is wondered why this guy felt the need to take a nap in the mailbox itself. Now we can see why it has been called snail mail since the workers are taking their time with rests in between.


White House Whoops

Norah O’Donnel must have been ecstatic to be reporting from outside the White House one beautiful day, but all her limelight was stolen entirely by poor editing on-screen. We cannot imagine that O’Donnel was best pleased when she saw what happened during her report. After all, this was an error that could have so easily been avoided. This abbreviation of the White House, however, would have certainly given viewers some great entertainment and we would be surprised if they even listened to the report.


The Student Becomes The Master

They say you have to be a saint to be a teacher, and not everyone would be cut out for the job. After all, dealing with a number of children at once can be quite the challenge, especially when learning new material is the last thing they want to do. While we must commend the student for his initiative, especially if he managed to get away with it, we also can’t help but feel for the teacher. The underpaid educators deserve more credit for their work rather than pranks.


Snazzy Ride

The road painter was taking no nonsense the day he was sent to paint new yellow lines, and not even a car would get in the way of his work. While there could have been a sign put up before the paint job, warning drivers to not park in that spot, the last thing that would be expected is for the lines to be painted on the car. As for the painter, he was told he had a job to do, and he certainly did the job.


Step In – If You Dare

After the railing bar fell down, it was time to get the professionals in to replace it. While they managed to do exactly as intended, they seemed to have completely disregarded the fact there was a door in behind the railing. For that reason, they continued their work as if there was no entrance to the storage room right in front of their face, and extended the bar to cover the door. This would have caused a severe inconvenience for anyone needing to enter or exit the room.


The Land Down Under

Australia is known to do things differently to the rest of the world, and they are often confused by the way things are done across the globe. While they have rare, exotic wildlife and seasons completely different to others, Australians would always maintain that it is their way or the highway. So much so, they believe what we would deem summer footwear, to be acceptable during the winter. To top it off, they refer to this footwear as thongs, stemming away from the commonly used term of flip-flops.


Not Colorblind Friendly

Coloring activities can be productive for children both on an entertaining level and on an educational one. However, how are they to continue their learning skills when they are reading that every color in the crayon box has the same color label? Perhaps the person who printed out the labels loves the color yellow, or they wished to confuse color blind people around the world. However, from our stance, we would see this as a clear error that should have been corrected before being sold.


You Do The Math

We all know that numbers on a calculator should be in numerical order, so when you look at this calculator, you cannot quite wrap your head around what is happening. For any kid using a calculator with such errors, they are sure to face problems in math class, let alone later on in life. After all, the layout of the numbers is sure going to confuse them, deterring them from listening in class. This then leads them to fear anything digit-related for the rest of their life.


Stroke Of Genius

A title should always be engaging and capture the reader’s attention. With such importance revolving around the title, the writer of this article probably left it until the end, hoping to get some inspiration for something genius. Meanwhile, it seems they had forgotten entirely about filling in the title since they initially filled in the blank with jumble beforehand. Nevermind the lack of title, meanwhile, since it cannot be ignored that a writer had spelled header as ‘heder’ for his instructions.


Compare Foods

It does not take a genius to know the difference between corn and watermelon, but an employer at Compare Foods proved his intelligence was lower than could be imagined. While the grocery store where this corn was on sale is called Compare Foods, we doubt the store owner intended for his employees to actually compare the foods made available for purchase. With corn and watermelon having nothing to do with each other, we are going to say that a particular employee needs speaking to.


Escape The Landscape

You would think that when a landscape artist is chosen for a job, he was hired because there had been a check on his professional skills and that he would also actually know how to do his job. We don’t know if the landscape artist or the mayor of the city should be blamed for this faulty work since they both should have done their research, but this sewage work was completely off the required intent. As a result, the whole surrounding area was completely flooded!


Confidence Is Key

We know everyone is beautiful in their own right, and everyone should own the body they’ve got. However, we do not believe this was an advertisement that was intending to stress the importance of self-confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Rather, it is an error made by an employee who forgot to put “the dress you need in your closet, now.” It seems we have to wait in anticipation as to the must-have fashion staple.


Geography Lesson

It is clear as to who was not taking note during their geography classes when their teacher was giving a lesson about the map of the world. To most people, this T-shirt is clearly showing the map of Africa, but something seems to have gotten lost in translation when it was labeled as being Asia. While it is clear that someone doesn’t know their geography skills, it is also clear that there was no double checking facts before it got sent to the store either.


Way To Give Way

This sign may be issuing instructions to “give cyclists space,” yet, the sign has been put up right in the middle of the cyclist’s lane. While you do not often come across a sign defying its very own instruction, this one takes the top prize for doing so. Fortunately, there are wheels on this cart, and would definitely have had to be moved from its original positioning. Let’s hope whoever was moving it, knew what the sign said and made sure it did not hinder cyclists anymore so.


A Little Privacy Please?

It seems that the person who installed the bathroom doors believed that you do not need a door for the toilet stall. However, while they may not understand the need for privacy while on the toilet, they somehow believe that a door is needed when using a urinal. Regardless of what goes on in the comfort of their own home, we do not think even the most open individual would want strangers walking in on them in the public bathrooms.



You would think employees know how many days there are in a week since they need to know how many of those days they would be working. For some reason, however, this employee added two extra days to the week for this storefront sign. Perhaps it was his way to say it feels as though they work nine days a week, although stating 24/7 would have been more effective. If anything promising is going to come from this sign, it would be the business it brings in from curious shoppers.


Trick Or Treat?

From our childhood and throughout adulthood, the novelty of an ice cream never gets old, especially on a hot, sunny day, when that cold treat works wonders for our happiness. So you can imagine how this guy felt when he went for his desired ice cream, only to find out it was not as advertised. Distraught, disappointed, tricked, were probably his feelings at the time, but at the end of the day, it was still an edible ice cream, and we’re sure he finished it up well.

ice cream

Spot The Rebel

Sometimes clear instructions are not enough for workers during a long, tiring day. Just when they are counting down the minutes before they can head home, they will do all they can to get their job done in time and then head straight to their couch. We’re guessing this was the case when all these boxes that were marked with “DO NOT STACK,” in capital letters, were then stacked on top of one another. That is one way to disobey orders but, is also an ironic twist of events.


BBQ Mixup

Food varies according to countries and can be dependent on ethnic differences, climate differences, and what is made available in that particular country. However, we are sure most people would be sure as to what bun shape is intended for BBQ meat, and this package labeling is a certain error made by an employer. With hotdogs being longer and narrower than burger patties, they are sure to be in the longer and narrower bread buns, with burgers then going in the flat and circular buns.


Control The Volume

With most people owning smartphones these days, it would seem more often than not, that people would use their phones for recordings. While some people like to keep it old school with recorders, we fail to see how using a remote control would have any success in recording someone’s speech. Meanwhile, watching this as a viewer on the other side of the television screen is extremely entertaining, so we thank the person who decided to throw a remote control in front of the athlete’s face.


Blockbuster Bust

If you are not a cinema manager yourself, you would want a friend who is. After all, they are the first to watch a new film when it comes out, and they can sneak you in free of charge to join. The fun does not stop there either, and this employer is proving he certainly makes the most of his duties. Perhaps taking his freedom too far this time by mixing up the film names, he switched Suicide Squad and Sausage Party to give more film titles.


In The Name Of Love

Whoever was set out to do this ‘STOP’ paint job on the road, should have stopped what they were doing and double checked they knew how to spell the word. Rather, they must have had their eyes set on something else and, while trying to multitask, came out with ‘SOTP’ instead. With potential danger at risk, if the sign is not made visible drivers, it is essential that a stop sign is marked on the road. Good thing there is a STOP sign directly next to the marking…


Resort Of The Rebellious

When upper management tells you not to place the furniture in a particular place, what do you do? You put it exactly where they said not to, of course. Well, that seems to be the case in this hotel, when a stack of chairs was left directly next to the sign which read, “Do not leave furniture here under any circumstances.” We wonder what the circumstances must have been for such an order to be disobeyed, but our guess is one employer was looking to get the boot.


Sweet, Twisted Dreams

With the Lion King being a timeless classic Disney film, there is no forgetting what every character looked like. That is why getting a glimpse of this stuffed animal attempting to be Nala is a worrying sight. What appears to be a sewing job that has gone seriously wrong, could have resulted in a kid’s worst nightmare had they have been bought this toy as a gift. We hope that the person who captured this image spoke with management after to inform them of this error.


Pop Pop Baby

McDonald’s ice is seriously starting to look like big bags of popcorn, and now we’re wondering when McDonald’s ever even starting selling the cinematic snack. Perhaps we’ve missed this new treat at the fast food joint, or perhaps this image has just confused us terribly since McDonald’s ice bags have been used for popcorn. Employees selling popcorn must have had to make do with the resources made available to them when there was nowhere else to put the copious amount of the corn snack.


Rebelios Employee Of The Month

Sometimes browsing through products in the shop you’re working at and using the label machine to price every single item, can get a little tedious. In which case, you’ve probably started focusing on anything and everything that is not the product you’re selling, but that will help your day go quicker. That is why just picking up the item and letting the label machine do all the work, is the way to go. At least that seems to be the case since the instructions were completely ignored.


Not What You Ordered

We can all understand the use of an abbreviation here and there, especially in more informal situations such as over text message or when speaking to friends. However, if you are going to use such abbreviations in public settings, it would be best to check that the abbreviation is not another word with a completely different meaning. Take this example shown in the photo where ‘spearmint’ has been abbreviated and labeled as ‘extra fresh sperm.’ We do not think anyone would be tempted to buy this chewing gum afterward.


No Sweets For You

Sometimes going that extra mile in the job doesn’t pay off, and you are therefore going to take the easy route during your working day. However, customers are going to be less than amused when they go to grab some candy, only to find that it is completely impossible to get any out the machine. Rather than placing the bitesize candy in the machine, this employee has gone and placed the whole bag inside, and put the Skittles and M&Ms together!


Wave That Box With Pride

America can take the credit for many of the happenings in life and are a tough country for the rest of the world to even try and compete with. However, some things in life are made or created elsewhere, and that country deserves their own credit. That is why placing the American flag above the label which states ‘Made In China’ is a less than an appropriate positioning. Meanwhile, someone seeing this may mistake the American flag for China, and that can create all sorts of problems.


Color Coded Madness

People with OCD, look away now! Someone has seriously tried to toy with people’s emotions, and they are sure to get them good with this one. Having left just one red square away from the red column on the sidewalk is enough to drive someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder insane. Even though we do not currently suffer from the mental illness, we can understand how frustrating this is to see. Someone has clearly abused their power at work, and they are set to ruin many peoples day.


Construction Flop

When you employ a construction worker for some construction work, you would think you’ve chosen the right person for the job. After all, they should have all the right skills and qualifications required to fulfill the job over anyone else and would be expected to complete their work in a satisfactory manner. That is why we are going to guess that whoever was employed to complete the construction work on this bridge has now been fired. Even more, we hope they’ve chosen a new career path.


Little Plasic Horror

We would like to think that most people know the difference between a terrifying tarantula, and an equally frightful, yet starkly different, cockroach. Even if they for some reason do not, the picture on the packaging was there to provide some assistance as to what the toy tarantula in the plastic case should look like. Nevertheless, that still was not enough for someone to play a toy cockroach inside the package labeled, ‘TARANTULA.’ We wonder if they’ve since learned the difference between the two.


Cut The Tension

When we think of Back To School necessities, we think of books, stationery, a lunch bag perhaps. We certainly do not have knives on our list, and we hope that no school is expecting children to rock up to school with this kitchen utensil. In this instance, we are really hoping that whoever placed these knives under this rack had made a very serious error accidentally, or was just looking to get the sack from his manager. Either way, we hope no passersby believed this was needed for educational purposes.


True Advertising

When Speedo wanted to beat out its competitors with their products, by insisting that customers would be paying less at Speedo, they should have perhaps double checked their advertising. For the Kick Junior swimming goggles, they could have suggested that other companies are charging a much higher price than them, therefore, bringing in the customers. Meanwhile, the people in charge of this advertisement for the goggles chose a completely different approach, one we cannot quite grasp, and one that is quite contradictory if anything.


To The Left, To The Left

We learn our left and rights from a young age, as it is a serious lesson needed in life. That is why the fact this remote control has a left arrow labeled ‘Right’ and vice versa, we are unsure as to how this was approved for production. As for the customer who may have purchased this faulty remote control, we are sure they were left confused many times when going to use their remote. Hopefully, this was just an innocent mistake in the printing room and was later fixed.


False Advertising

There is nothing worse than going to order food and seeing its surroundings filled with mess and disorder. Not only that, but being told a dish is Mac N’ Cheese when it is clearly not, is only going to ruffle our feathers even more so. Whichever worker in this school believed it was acceptable to cook penne pasta, add slices on top and then sell it as Mac N’ Cheese, should have had a serious talking with. We are sure glad we didn’t go to that school.


Going Bananas

We can all understand that words sometimes slip our minds, and in certain times of stress and pressure, we are forced to use another one in its place. This seems to be the case in this instance when a grocery store worker seemed to have forgotten the word for ‘banana.’ What did they do instead? They just described the items in front of them, which were ‘long yellow things,’ and this made it to the final edit of the price tag… somehow.


Not So Live

When you go to find a live Catfish, the last thing you want is a dead one. That would have been the case had you passed this store who had taken the cake for false advertising. Whoever was in charge of this catfish had obviously failed to see the murky water in the tank which perhaps had something to do with the eventual death of the catfish. We can’t help but sympathize with the poor fish who was not well looked after, but perhaps is being sold as dead.


The Sign Is Clear

Are they trying to deter us from going to the gym, because if so, we like it. Then again, they’re telling us to enter at the same time, and that makes our decision even the more complicated. This contradicting message has left us looking at the door longer than we would have spent in the gym, and at this point, turning back to go home seems more appealing. This is why staying home to sit and watch Netflix is always a good idea – no contradictory messages there.


Dangerous Path

When riding our bikes, it would be nice to have a clear pathway, with no pedestrians obstructing our view. It wouldn’t even cross our minds that sidewalk obstacles would get in our way, especially when the path is designated to cyclists. Therefore, this seems as though the person in charge of painting the sidewalk clearly didn’t think hard enough as to what he was doing. Rather, he has followed orders and created an accident waiting to happen instead!