These T-Shirt Fails Are So Funny You’ll Cry Laughing


We can’t help but crack a little laugh when we see a funny T-shirt with some witty riddle or ironic joke. Sometimes the T-shirts don’t even make any sense, but they are still able to make you cry with laughter, such as the examples below.

Not Quite A Graduate

If you love college that much, you would probably have spent enough time learning that it is spelled with an “e” and not an “a.” However, we don’t think anyone will be holding her against this mistake.


Honey, Does This Make Me Look Fat?

No man ever wants to be asked by their significant other: “Do I look fat in this?” If they are, the answer will always be “of course not,” no matter what the real answer may be. This girl, however, has twisted it, because she clearly knows that she has one of the more enviable figures out there. Meanwhile, she’s going to bring people down along the way, and show that her figure is just going to make everyone else look a little larger when standing next to her.


Beer Goggles

There are many times a guy may think the girl he has his sights on is totally feeling him, and he is about to make his move. However, when the girl gives him all the right cues beforehand, he can save himself from the shame and embarrassment when she shuts him down. Just exactly what this girl has set out to do with her T-shirt. However, she is making it clear that give it a few more alcoholic drinks, she could be on the same page as you.


You Do Look Familiar…

This girl has got celebrity status down. Blonde hair, bright pink clothing, and a tiny pink purse to match, giving Paris Hilton from the early 2000’s a run for her money. Perhaps the “I Am Almost famous” part is because she is missing her Chihuahua named Tinkerbell, but she still looks like she has her eye on the prize. Meanwhile, everyone else’s eyes are certainly wondering why an owl has replaced the “o” on her T-shirt, or perhaps their eyes are focused on something else in that direction.


No Passcode Required

Apparently, to get to all the important things in life, we now need to swipe to unlock first. We’re talking about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and every other social media platform under the sun. That’s because technology these days has resulted in the younger generation fixated on the virtual reality found on their phones, that they don’t even know how to have a face-to-face conversation. However, this obsession seems to have spread even further than technology.


The Clock Is Ticking

Many guys may ask a girl if she has a boyfriend before trying to make their move; others will just skip that conversation altogether and just try their luck. This girl is letting any admirer know that she has a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean they have to stop then and there with trying their luck. Rather, they can come right over for s kiss. However, we do wonder if her boyfriend saw this shirt before he left to the bathroom, or she quickly changed?


Making Light Of It

Anorexia is a disease which affects millions of people a year, and it should certainly not be the subject of any joke. However, this guy is clearly not one to talk about eating disorders but has chosen to highlight how his frame is purely out of beating anorexia. He obviously does not have the mental barriers that people suffering from anorexia face when it comes to food and sustaining a healthy body, but that is not to say he is any healthier state.


You Are Not What You Wear

Chick magnets are usually super cool cars or even cuter dogs that get any lady coo-ing and aw-ing and get the owner in with a chance of speaking to the admirer. However, this guy wearing a T-shirt stating “Chick magnet” does not have the same effect. Judging from the girl sitting next to him, she seems more repelled than attracted to the self-proclaimed chick magnet, and is keeping her distance. Perhaps he should have invested in a cute, little puppy instead of this T-shirt.


Wait Your Turn, Ladies

We’re sure the ladies in Wal-Mart are quivering in their boots at the thought of not being in on the action with this guy. However, with this T-shirt, he is letting all those around him know that he is not a one-woman kind of guy. Rather, all his admirers are in with a chance, and no one has to miss out. Perhaps it is the minimal facial hair growing on his upper lip that has them falling head over heels.


It Might Take A Lot Of Drinking…

Beer goggles can certainly distort our image after a few drinks, and all of a sudden someone remotely unattractive can look like a supermodel within minutes. Judging by the size of this girls glass, we’re sure she was fast approaching that state and the guy behind her was ready and waiting. He was also cutting to the chase with his T-shirt, and it looked like she was willing to listen. That glass was just fastening up the process.


Thanks For The Warning

In a twisted way, we should be thanking this lady for this rather obscure T-shirt. There is nothing worse than being unexpectedly ambushed by a potent smell that makes you want to run out of a shop immediately. At least with this T-shirt, we’re getting the heads up that we have a little time left to leave the vicinity and save ourselves from any “silent but deadly” situation. With around 10% to go, we’d have to say that is around five minutes to run.


Rhythmic Fail

Most DJs would often encourage their crowd to start clapping and make some noise at some point during their set. It has, therefore, become a common phrase in popular music and all attendees are happy to oblige. Unfortunately, this guy has tried to get in with the positive and upbeat message, but fallen victim to a major translation error. We cannot imagine anyone wants to “Crap their hands” and “make some noise,” nor encourage anyone to do so because that would just end terribly.



It must be a hard life for any guy when they have a line of girls just desperate to date them. Having to scour the crowd to see which one they have their eyes on could become a grueling task, so it is time to make exceptions. For this guy, the only girls that are going to make the cut seem to be models. He is saving anyone else from trying their luck, only to be turned away, by wearing this T-shirt that does all the talking for him.


Warning Not Heeded

There is always that one friend that cannot leave the house without returning home injured. Whether they have walked into a wall, broken their baby finger, or fallen down the stairs, they are completely accident prone. It happens way too many times for this young chap that he has started to give passersby a warning that his actions are not always so clever by wearing this T-shirt. Of course, he couldn’t wear the T-shirt without injuring himself that same day, however.

Just Dumb It

Marketing ploys by companies are usually focused on sending positive and encouraging vibes to their consumers, such as “Just do it” or “think different.” This shirt, however, is expressing “Think less, stupid more,” which is basically encouraging us to switch off our brains and make bad decisions. While its cause and effect are accurate, we can’t imagine anyone would ever offer such a motto. We’re going to have to assume this is another quote that has been lost in translation.


Geography Fail

Not all of us could have excelled in every subject at school, but there’s a difference between having problems with math equations and not knowing simple geography such as the difference between Africa and Asia. As seen on this T-shirt, the map is clearly showing a picture of Africa, but has been labeled as “Asia.” Perhaps this is why it has made its way to the sale rack of the store because this is certainly not worth a single penny.


Joy, Deep Fried


This T-shirt has just got fail written all over it. Not literally because what is written on it is “Hamberger friend” followed by I feel happy when I eat a him.” Firstly, hamberger is a clear misspelling of hamburger, and who is “him,” let alone “a him?” Since the picture is not even of a hamburger and is of fries, we’re going to have to assume that there was a misspelling when they wrote “friend.” All around, this is one big mess.


Joke’s On You

Neon pink may not be considered the manliest of colors for men to rock, but before any ridicule can be made towards this man, he is beating us all to the punch. Trying to be clever and get the last laugh, he says the T-shirt is from our girlfriend. However, we couldn’t help but question him further on this, because why would our girlfriend have a T-shirt with this quote on it? We get what he’s trying to do, but we’re not good at losing.


You Only Live Once

We cannot quite imagine that this was a top sold in an actual store, which leaves us questioning if this guy made it himself. This neon, multi-colored creation would never on our shopping list, nor should it be for anyone, but this guy looks more than confident wearing it. That is why we’re going to have to think this is his original work, and he is proud of his “art.” Matched with bedazzled sunglasses, he epitomizes the motto from the T-shirt – You Only Live Once.


Hypocrite Much?

If your T-shirt is going to express some clear instruction, we are going to hope you’re following suit. However, riding around in the back of a pick-up truck does not show any signs that this guy followed his shirts sign, “Think Safety” when he jumped on board. How are we meant to take the instructions seriously if the guy wearing it can’t even do so? Perhaps he is following the old saying – “Do as I say, not as I do.”


A Good Hustle?


The definition of hustle is: obtain by force or persuasion, and can also be used in slang to mean “a fraud or swindle.” Then there are “good things” which can be loosely defined, but used in a sentence together will most likely be in reference to illegal activities which result in a tax-free payday. While we hope this woman does not follow suit with this motto from its exact definition, we hope she knows a “good thing” is not sitting in a jail cell.


The Confession

The problem with public pools is, you never know when you’re going to pass that warm patch in the water and have to swim off hurriedly. The screaming and the whining can only let other swimmers know that someone has gone and peed in the pool, and that is when people start to point their fingers and wonder who it was. No one ever wants to be that person that is caught, except for this guy. He is letting everyone know that he is the perpetrator.


Time Is Running Out

While many ladies may want to have their fun before they settle down with that one person for the rest of their lives, it seems they are still choosing to have their fun before they settle down with this guy. However, the man in the picture has decided to shame the ladies with the message on his T-shirt. Seriously, shame on them, why do they need to be out and about when they could be settled down with this lovely chap?


Too Much Information

This may be a recreation of Chevron gas company’s corporate logo, but the shirt is suggesting otherwise, and something a lot more unpleasant. The wearer may have thought he was supporting Chevron by wearing it or he may have seen it before and thought it was something cool to have on his T-shirt. However, the message from this T-shirt is suggesting to everyone in the vicinity that this guy is suffering from some tummy troubles and warning them that he has gas as a result.


Gangsta Grandpa

Haters are gonna hate, and this guy is letting them do as they please. Using common slang most often used by youngsters, and having “Wussup haters” printed on his T-shirt, highlights that this guy is proving he doesn’t care what anyone has to say about him. However, as mentioned, this use of language is more often than not, used by youngsters, and this man looks a little too mature to be using such slang. The chances of him having many haters is also doubtful to us.


Grunge vs. Pop Rock

Nirvana can be remembered as the classic rock band, which brought grunge music to the American rock scene. Their look matched their style of music, and they had a distinctively disheveled appearance. That is why it is an insult to all Nirvana fans when a picture of the clean-cut pop-rock group, Hanson, have been used alongside Nirvana’s name on this T-shirt. Neither of the three guys looks anything like Kurt Cobain, and the person who made this should be ashamed.


When Your Shirt Predicts The Future

It is as if this guy went the full lengths with criminal activity before he got caught by the cops. He tried his luck with the law time and time again, chuckling to himself every time he got away scot-free. However, he knew that the moment the cops turned up at his door, it would be game over. It is just ironic that he happened to be wearing this top the same day and we’re left wondering what it was that finally led to this mugshot photo.


Lost And Found

Rita had her concerns the morning her and her husband were about to set out for a day filled with tourist activities. Knowing her husband was unfamiliar with his surroundings and could lose her at points during the day due to his fascination with all the sights, she decided to make a T-shirt to put her concerns to rest. Her husband was made to wear this T-shirt, and she made it clear to those in the vicinity that she was the proud owner of the wandering man.


Some Extra Security

You know what they say, “eat more cake, it makes it harder to be kidnapped,” and this guy is living by that line. Rather than highlighting the problems with being overweight and the health implications it can cause in your life, this guy saw the positives of being a little heavier. Forget heart disease and forget diabetes, you have got to think of those evil kidnappers who will avoid fat people due to the amount of time it would take to grab them.


A Message To The Haters

If this guy is walking away from you, then you know he is turning his back on you with his “bye hater” comment. The same as if he comes towards you, however, he is just saying “hi hater.” It seems this guy only has haters, but based on his attire, he does not care. He has covered all grounds simply by wearing this T-shirt, and his choice of a belly cop-top is going to catch the eye of fellow clubbers.


Let’s Call It A Night

When someone has had too much to drink, you may ask them to do the sober test by trying to walk in a straight line and seeing how well they get on. This woman, however, saved everyone the trouble and her state at that moment was loud and clear based on her choice of T-shirt. She needed to be taken home and taken home quick because she is getting her words all mixed up and that is not going to do her any good.


Keep It To Yourself

He may have a good reason for this T-shirt such as that he is a construction worker, or a garbage collector, where dumbing is in reference to his profession. However, he could also be referencing to his favorite time of the day following his morning coffee, and if this is the case, then this is a little too much information to become public knowledge. Either way, this T-shirt is going to have to be considered a complete fail, because this phrase should not be written in any context.


Talk To The Hand

Not every day can be sunshine and rainbows, and sometimes we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and hate everything in life. We don’t want to talk to anyone, let alone leave the house and have to go to work, so perhaps we should all invest in a top like this lady for every time that day comes. Wearing it loud and proud, shown clearly by her huge grim, her “I hate everyone” top is something she wears with the utmost pride.


Bad Timing

Some people just love to add bacon to everything. Whether it is their hamburgers, mac and cheese, or to just go with their morning eggs, bacon is a classic American staple. Having had such an impact on his diet, this guy just had to express his fondness for the salt-cured pork. Perhaps he forgot where bacon actually comes from, however, when he wore this T-shirt to visit a cute piglet. From wearing the T-shirt with pride, he soon started to feel slightly uncomfortable.


Still Beating You

When going on a run, we want to feel inspired and motivated. Especially in any form of competition or a run for a good cause, we need that extra push to keep going. This man, however, chose to highlight his self-deprecating traits on his T-shirt, stating he is 50, fat and diabetic. Perhaps not exactly what you expect in a runner, but if you are behind him reading the shirt, then his last comment is true – “Ahead of you.” It seems like we’ve got to catch up.



It’s just another day for Daisy, the cow; she’s got visitors passing by hoping to pet her, and she always loves the affection. That is because she is all alone and is not too sure where the rest of her family has gone. Then this young lad comes along, and Daisy thinks she’s found her answer. Looking extremely confused, she stares deep into the boy’s shirt because she thinks she has finally found her mother. Sadly, Daisy, this is not to be the case.


100% Confidence

This woman believes she is hotter than you, but not 100% hotter. Having given it some thought and done the math in her head, she realized that she must be just 20% hotter than you. We’re not sure how she came to this amount, or how she can say that about everyone, but since it is on her T-shirt, she must be feeling certain. We like a woman with a good amount of confidence, but we are going to say she is only 32% confident with her answer.


100% Jailbird

Wearing this T-shirt the same day she was having her mugshot photo taken couldn’t have worked in her favor when it came to putting her behind bars. Claiming to be 98% naughty, she probably deserved to be in that position at that current time. Although, she does give herself the benefit of the doubt by stating she is 2% angel. We would like to know what makes her that 2% angel, since the fact she is going to jail doesn’t help her argument.



Unfortunately, there is just no explanation for this T-shirt, nor a way to work our heads around it to figure it out. Is the commentary on this T-shirt trying to imply that Obama is similar to Chairman Mao, or is it a fan of Mao who can see a resemblance between him and Obama? It probably doesn’t help that we don’t speak Chinese to understand the writing underneath the animation, but we’re going to assume there is still no explanation.


Is This A Confession?

We can’t tell if this guy is madder that he’s being booked in for the night, or that he bought a shirt with the word “Guilty” stamped on it. The T-shirt was definitely not going to help his position at that current moment and, if he is a troublemaker on the best of days, perhaps he should have avoided this at all costs. After all, it is not cool to be proven guilty of any crime, and he shouldn’t want to be flaunting this down the street.



When anyone gets arrested, they are told they do not have to speak since it may be held against them in court. This guy knew that was the case, but his feelings were heard loud and clear by his T-shirt. No doubt it sucks to get arrested, and this T-shirt was letting onlookers know that this was not his ideal situation. When this guy chose his clothing that morning, he probably did not realize it would become a self-fulfilling prophecy and result in being arrested.


Don’t Stop Belieber-ing

If you’re ever to attend a Justin Bieber concert, chances are you are going to be in an Arena surrounded by screaming girls, and equally as excited elder ladies. Of course, there will be some men lurking in the crowd, but they probably won’t be letting their friends know that is how they spent their Sunday night. Not these guys. They are proud to be Bieber fans and, while rocking a similar hair-do to the singer himself, they are letting everyone know by wearing these pink T-shirts.


Death To Minnie

Deadmau5 may be a popular music DJ, known for wearing a giant mouse head that obscures his face, but that doesn’t mean he has fellow mouse fans. Quite the opposite, since Disney sued him for using a logo so similar to Mickey. Minnie Mouse is obviously aware of this altercation and cannot believe someone even dared to use Mickey’s face for their own success. This guy was not so clever when he wore the Deadmau5 T-shirt to Disneyland, and Minnie made her feelings about it clear.


The Shirt Matches The Scenario

Hindsight can be a funny thing, but at the time, we are none the wiser to think we’re making a big mistake. Just like thinking going that extra bit faster while on a boat in the Everglades would have been exciting and thrilling, it can also result in the boat getting stuck in the bushes and you stuck in the swamp. At this point, you’re probably realizing why there are a certain speed and direction to follow for a reason.



That Escalated Quickly…

We’re not sure how this conversation printed on the T-shirt escalated from “You’re cute” to “Murder me.” While this could have been something innocent and sweet, replicating a conversation from their phone, it soon turns into something pretty crazy. While this could have been a T-shirt that got lost in translation, of which we are really hoping is the case, it has to be considered one of the more fashion fails. We do not want to be seeing this pop up in stores anytime soon.


Optical Illusion

When we’ve got a certain weight we aspire to reach we may follow workouts online, hit the gym, or have a picture up on the wall of our goal weight. Sometimes life just gets in the way, however, and there is no time to follow this seriously. This seems to be the case for this woman, and she has chosen to wear a T-shirt with her ideal figure on and called it a day. She’s probably hoping people see this and believe it’s her real body.


Bold Statement

There are a lot of thrills in life that can give us a sense of feeling high and alive. Through travel, exploring the outdoors, listening to music, and dancing, all contribute to ways in which we can achieve this, and is what all people are encouraged to do. Especially when children are young and learning, they are told this is the way of feeling high and no to turn to illicit substances. It seems this guy missed that message, and he is delivering the opposite message.


Cool Story, Bro

Is this Nike’s way of saying they’re an expensive brand? Because if the guy is rocking their T-shirt that says “Swag Don’t Come Cheap,” that must be the case. We’re not sure why anyone would buy this T-shirt to begin with, due to the horrible puke green color and the fact that there is nothing ‘swag’ about the look. Having paired it with the same color hat and sunglasses, however, this guy looks like he is having a good time regardless.


Hello Biceps

The last thing we expect a tattoo-clad man to rock is a Hello Kitty T-shirt, and we are still yet to be proven wrong. After all, this guy is certainly not rocking this T-shirt, and we’re curious as to the circumstances behind the picture. Could this have been a bet? Or perhaps he decided to raid his little sister’s wardrobe and send her a picture for a little embarrassment. Whatever the case may be, let’s just hope this stayed indoors.


Lost In Translation?

We are seriously hoping this lady isn’t actually sure of what is written on this T-shirt and just bought it because she liked the color and the font. Yet another example of what we’re imagining could only be a lost in translation fail, where a factory from another country has printed off a foreign message. If in an unexpected turn of events this woman knew exactly what was written on the T-shirt and chose it anyway, then we are not impressed.



There was a whole lot of love for Will Ferrell when he played Elf in the Christmas blockbuster hit with the same name, and we’re sure his image is rocking that T-shirt. However, when worn with a zipped up cardigan over it to just show Will’s face poking out, we get more of a sense of fear and a slight cry for help from Will himself. The sight could scare anyone, so should perhaps only be worn when the entire shirt is made visible.


Gentlemen Prefer…Blondes?

It may be argued that blondes have more fun, giving them an upper hand above all brunettes. However, you can’t claim to be a blonde without donning the hair color yourself just to get in on all the fun. That seems to be the case for this girl who clearly has brunette hair. She may be perfect as the first line states, but we have to call her out on the second part because that one is definitely not accurate.


Design Flaw

This T-shirt differs from the rest given that there is no bold statement or misspelling spread across the chest of the clothing. Rather, this fail is in the design giving that the color contrast of the T-shirt makes it look like the wearer is walking around with a major wedgie! What looks like a man who has tucked his T-shirt into his pants by accident, is actually all one item. Onlookers should also realize that the man probably wouldn’t pull his pants up that high!


Thank God I’m Not A Cop

While being too good looking usually is not the reason for someone to get arrested, this guy is stating that if it happens to be, then so be it. Meanwhile, while trying to rock a disturbing neon green color top with white lettering, which is not aesthetically pleasing to begin with, we think he’s more likely to get arrested by the fashion police. A little spruce up here and there may work in his favor, starting with a new T-shirt.


I Take It Back

If you are going to call someone a duck, then it is only right to get the apology printed on the back of a T-shirt for all to see. After all, who gets called a duck? However, it seems that not all bad blood has been brushed under the carpet since the apology has come with another insult – “little friend.” Nobody likes to be called a duck followed by a little friend, so we are going to have to say this whole situation is a little hasty.