One Couple’s Lifestyle Change Transformed Their Entire Lives

Turning It All Around

Like many couples, Lexi and Danny didn’t often consider that it was possible to take control of their health, but after a challenge from a friend, they were determined to make a change that would last.

Starting From Behind

Lexi had never known what it was like to be thin. Though some children see a major change in their body types after going through puberty or experiencing motherhood, Lexi’s shape was always constant. She never felt that how she looked affected her personality, and when she first met Danny, all he could see was the charming woman that always shined through. Unfortunately, Lexi’s eating habits had been cemented early on in her life, and she had rarely considered it possible to make a change.

Reckoning With The Mirror

From a young age, Lexi realized that her weight was higher than it should be. Every now and again she would try embarking on a diet, but like many others in her shoes, she found the restrictions nearly impossible to stick to. With every broken diet plan, Lexi would quickly regain any weight she lost, and often more. Being that she was unaware of how to successfully switch up her eating habits, Lexi discovered at 25 years old that she weighed in at nearly 400 pounds.

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Two Of A Kind

Danny Reed was far from a fitness enthusiast when he met Lexi. At the time, he weighed around 280 pounds, and it wasn’t because of muscle mass. Danny too was often prone to turning to junk food, taking comfort in more sedentary pursuits night after night. It may have facilitated the couple’s bonding, but it certainly wasn’t going to have a positive impact on either person’s health. At the start of their relationship, however, this was hardly a concern.

Forming A Bedrock

As Lexi reflected on her relationship with food, she came to realize that her early childhood had a significant influence, even in adulthood. She explained to PopSugar that her habits had two significant underlying causes. “Growing up, we never had a lot of money and my parents never cooked. Processed foods were always easier to purchase than healthy foods.” Coupled with her reliance on eating to soothe her emotions, Lexi found herself stuck in a rut where food was both enemy and friend.

Stars In Their Eyes

From the first moment they met, Danny never worried about Lexi being overweight. He could hardly have an opinion on the matter, as he wasn’t exactly in shape. The two had been long-time friends before becoming romantic. The partnership felt easy to both, especially as they fell into a long-term pattern that revolved around the foods they loved coupled with long marathons of TV watching. It would take a drastic realization before they’d embark on a new journey towards health.

Call In The Chinese

It’s not unusual for people with little culinary skill of their own to turn towards professionals for help. Lexi and Danny were more than happy to pick up the phone and order takeout, especially when it seemed less daunting than getting into the kitchen themselves. If they did dare to cook, they would often only go as far as heating up something like a frozen pizza. The calories they were packing in night after night were beginning to take a toll.

In Her Own Way

As Lexi’s weight continued its upward trajectory, it continued to become harder for her to do activities outside of those sedentary moments she loved so much. Unfortunately, this also meant that when the mood did strike her to try something new, it was extremely difficult, especially when it came to more active endeavors. It would take a while before Lexi would encounter the moment that she would finally consider to be her breaking point, and decide to make a change.

Something Needed To Change

Even the smallest goals Lexi had set for herself now seemed unachievable. Even the most basic things, like traveling, had become nearly impossible. Lexi had always wanted to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, she was not only too big for any of the rides, but she was also too big for a seat on a plane. There was no way she could drive to Florida from Indiana, so she needed to find a better solution.

Getting Engaged

When Danny asked Lexi for her hand in marriage, she said yes without hesitation. “He never saw me as my size, asked me to change, or made me feel as anything other than beautiful,” said Lexi. However, at 485 pounds, Lexi had a tough time finding a dress. “Nobody knew how to make me feel like a bride…Thank god I was strong enough to know my worth, and kept searching for my 34W dress even though I questioned if I would ever find one,” she explained.

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Tying The Knot

Eventually, Lexi was able to find the perfect dress in her size. Danny and Lexi tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family. Getting married ended up bringing many problems to the surface. For example, the couple now began to question if they would ever be able to have children, or if a pregnancy would be dangerous for Lexi in her current state of health. This wasn’t the only desire that seemed impossible for the newlyweds.

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The Honeymoon

Following their 2015 wedding, Danny and Lexi Reed took a honeymoon trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. One adventure they decided to embark on while honeymooning was a shell tour along the Florida beach. Not far into the tour, the guide mentioned that the best shells could be found further down the beach, but Lexi was already exhausted from walking in the sand. She needed to stop for a rest only a quarter mile in. At this point, she weighed 485 lbs.

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Fed Up

Lexi and Danny knew that it was time to make a change. “We were fed up with the life that we were living and all the things that we weren’t able to do together as a couple,” Lexi explained. “We also feared if we didn’t get our health under control, we would never be able to start a family,” she added. Lexi was finally ready to make a change. The question now was when the couple would commit to improving their lives.

New Year New Lexi

On New Year’s day in 2016, Lexi finally made the decision that the time had come to make some lifestyle changes. Even though her New Year’s resolution was a long time coming, she was happy to be making her first steps towards a happy and healthy life. Danny, on the other hand, was not one hundred percent on-board when he first heard of Lexi’s plans to get healthy. It would take some convincing, but Lexi and Danny knew they could accomplish anything if they stuck together.

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Place Your Bets

Soon, word had spread about Lexi and Danny’s ambitious weight-loss goals, and their friends wanted in on the action. The couple’s closest friends placed a bet, challenging them to abide by the following rules for an entire month: “No eating out, no soda, no alcohol, no cheat meals, and working out for 30 minutes five times a week.” Danny and Lexi were feeling motivated and determined. They wanted nothing for than to prove to themselves that they could achieve the impossible.

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Old Habits Die Hard

For Danny, old habits would die hard, and changing his lifestyle was not going to be an easy task. “At first the idea didn’t sound great because it was always good going home, sitting down, eating and not having to worry about anything,” said Danny. Luckily, he had his beautiful wife’s support every step of the way. Most importantly, he was determined not to let her down. “It’s a new year and something to work toward while helping Lexi out as well,” Danny explained.

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Through Thick And Thin

Danny and Lexi purchased memberships at a local gym in their hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana. They stuck to their promise and went to the gym every day for 30 minutes. Keeping the promise they made to their friends was by no means easy for the couple, but they stuck together through thick and thin and depended on each other for support. It was difficult for Lexi, however, because she suffered from severe joint pain as a result of her weight.

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Finding The Perfect Place

As important as it was for Lexi to find a gym, the task of doing so was more difficult. Lexi was so cautious of what people would think, but she eventually found the perfect suitor. “I started going there when I got a free trial and — since it was never really crowded, my machine faced the wall (so I didn’t feel like everyone was watching me), and I found a machine called the CrossRamp that didn’t hurt my joints at 485 pounds — I fell in love with it.”


No Pain, No Gain

Lexi was committed, and her hard work started to pay off. Her former fears of going to the gym were a thing of the past, and she no longer cared what other people thought. She went onto explain that, “if people were going to stare at me because of my weight, I was going to give them a reason to stare by being the hardest worker in the room.” Lexi certainly proved she was a hard worker by losing around 20 pounds a month.


The Couple That Cooks Together

Lexi and Danny made sure to go to the gym every day, but that was only the start of their new healthy lifestyle. The couple was no longer going to eat out at restaurants and, rather, prepared meals at home. While this was a more robust tactic, they also discovered the importance of cooking together. By supporting one another, Lexi and Danny would both cook their own food at home, ditching their beloved frozen pizzas, which would subsequently help with their weight loss goals.

Focusing On The End Goal

While dieting is not an easy task for most, Lexi and Danny saw their new eating habits as more than just a diet. They were determined to create a new way of life and dieting was just a way of getting there. The long-term goal was what was most important to the pair, so they did what worked best for them. “I started taking the foods I loved and making healthier versions so I no longer felt like I had to give up something or deprive [myself],” claimed Lexi.

A Determined Couple

This idea of creating a new lifestyle was never going to come easy, but the fact that Lexi and Danny had one another for extra encouragement made the whole process a lot easier. The loving couple was sure to reach their end goal and keep their promises to one another, so going to the gym and eating healthy became something they did together. The motivated couple had each other as a support system and, after a month of working hard, something amazing happened.

Just Keep Going…

The couple started to notice the changes to their body and appearance, which made them even more determined to keep going. Lexi continued to go to the gym, and also took on classes at the gym and got to know the other people in attendance. The fellow gym-goers soon became the couple’s friends, who were sure to show their support, and the classes seemed to do wonders for Lexi. “I love my Pulse class. I love dancing to my favorite music and not feeling like it’s a workout.” Lexi said.


Instagram Inspiration

It seemed that on top of the dieting and exercise, extra support from others helped motivate the couple even more on their journey. Lexi decided to set up an Instagram account in 2016 to let others know of the progress her and Danny had been making, fittingly calling the account “Fat Girl Fed Up.” Lexi posts daily pictures of herself going to the gym for her 775,000 followers and captions them with motivational quotes. Followers can see how far she has come in just two years.

From Lexi, To You

While Lexi has been working on a healthier lifestyle for herself, her journey has managed to inspire and advise others in a similar position to herself. Lexi’s advice is to “Start small — small changes add up to big results — and focus on each day, not how far you have to go.” This means sticking to a healthy lifestyle as opposed to taking any sort of pill or surgery to help. People seem to have taken on this advice, and Lexi posts their achievements on her own Instagram page.

[post_page_titleExercise First, Social Second[/post_page_title]

While many people may find it hard to find the motivation to work out on out some days, the Reeds always make sure to fit a workout into their social schedule. They realize the importance of working towards their goals, and Lexi proved this on her Instagram. She posted a photo on May 19th with the caption that read, “Making the time before date night to work on our goals!” She continued, “Some days we don’t know how we’re gonna do it, but every day we get it done!”

Simple Steps

Sometimes the simplest steps are the ones that end up working the best. There’s a reason why things are “tried and true.” Lexi’s most highly recommended advice to dieters incorporates some basic things that everyone knows. For the Memorial Day 2018 weekend, she posted a positive message to her followers: “I know holidays are hard guys, but practice portion control, healthier swaps, balance, planning.” She’s a big fan of cooking at home, using fresh foods that aren’t processed or pre-made.

Staying Accountable

One of the most important elements in ensuring that Lexi’s lifestyle changes lasted for good was finding friends who shared her commitment to health. “When I started my journey I normally was more of a loner and lost people I was close to due to my new lifestyle and hobbies,” she posted on Facebook. “However over time, I found others along the way who helped make me who I am today and helped to make my journey more enjoyable.”

Keeping It Up

One of the biggest things that trips up dieters is falling back into old habits when facing new situations. For example, Danny and Lexi went camping. Many people would use that as an excuse to binge (or even stop for fast food on the way), but Lexi made sure they packed healthy fare. She added on Facebook that, “Holidays, weekends, or even being out of your routine doesn’t mean we can’t still reach our goals and eat delicious food!”

Double Success

But it wasn’t just Lexi who decided to turn her life around and change things up. Danny decided that the best way he could support Lexi on her weight loss journey was to also adopt her lifestyle changes, full throttle. He fully committed to the program and within just two years, Danny had already dropped an astonishing 100 pounds! They say the couple that loses together stays together, and Danny and Lexi Reed are living proof of that fact.

Totally New Lexi

After just a year and a half of extremely hard work, Lexi was rendered totally unrecognizable. The most impressive part of her journey is that she accomplished her goal with old-fashioned diet and exercise – she didn’t have to go under the knife for weight loss surgery. 312 pounds down from her original weight, she truly felt transformed when she visited a restaurant she used to frequent before her diet. She was finally able to sit at her favorite table with room to spare.

Rewriting History

Danny and Lexi Reed have accomplished some major weight loss – they collectively lost over 400 pounds, which is almost a quarter ton! The couple decided to gauge exactly how far they had come by visiting the beach where Danny proposed to Lexi. While years before, they’d struggled walking in the sand, they now were able to take a celebratory run together! “We returned to that beach and ran down that beach!” Lexi said proudly. What a milestone!

Overnight Celebrity

Nowadays, in the age of the Internet, even normal people like Lexi and Danny can find themselves overnight celebrities through the power of the web. After their amazing story went viral, they made many appearances on national TV shows, including famous cook Rachael Ray’s show. The power couple shared their tips about healthy eating and their cooking tips. But the Reeds are still down to Earth and humble, though – they definitely don’t have Kardashian level egos, despite their accomplishments!

Newfound Freedom

Lexi’s now enjoying the freedom of a healthy physique. “I am grateful for every single day and I am enjoying the journey,” Lexi said. “Every day is a non-scale victory and a reminder of how far I’ve come. Like, I loved myself even at 485 pounds, but just to be able to wake up and do whatever I want to do and go wherever I want to go… I don’t feel like I’m a prisoner in my own body anymore.”

The Next Step

Lexi Reed recently revealed that her biggest motivation for adopting a healthier lifestyle and finally shedding the pounds was the desire to become a mother. She wanted to make sure she was able to carry a baby to term safely. Speaking to a journalist from Life & Style Magazine she said, “In 5 years, I see us starting a family as well as finding ways to help more people change their life the same way that we have with diet and exercise.”