What Have Your Favorite Big Brother Contestants Been Doing Lately?


Alison Irwin-Season 4 | Then

The Pennsylvania native made her reality show debut in the fourth season of Big Brother. When it came down to it, however, she only managed to be first runner up.

Alison Irwin-Season 4 | Now

Since her first appearance on Big Brother, Alison has not shied away from reality show cameras. She happily pocketed the second prize of $50,000 before moving on to compete in The Amazing Race with her boyfriend, Donny Patrick. The two only made it to the second episode before being eliminated. Irwin returned back to the house for Big Brother: All Stars in 2006, but didn’t make it very far. After leaving All Stars, Irwin moved to Orlando and became a cheerleader for Orlando Predators.

Amanda Zuckerman-Season 15 | Then

Amanda took a no holds barred approach to being in the house when she was cast in season 15. Towards the beginning of her stay, she embarked on a romance with McCrae Olson, but her public image shifted quickly as she began to regularly threaten the other girls in the house. Her relationship with Olson proved advantageous because he was often the head of house, which meant she was able to dictate many of the nominations.

Amanda Zuckerman-Season 15 | Now

Her alliance with McCrae couldn’t save her in the end, and Amanda came in seventh that season. Her on-screen relationship wasn’t slated to last after they left the show. Due to the audience having a negative perception of Amanda during her run on Big Brother, she had to do some work in order to rebuild her professional reputation once she was back home. She is currently an real estate broker with MV Realty, who operates in the area of Delray, Florida.

Adam Jasinski-Season 9 | Then

When Adam Jasinski appeared on Big Brother he was generally well received by his fellow housemates. The fashion designer from New Jersey managed to defeat all of his competition and become the champion of season 9. The only controversy he garnered during his season was a few off color remarks that didn’t seem to otherwise affect his position in the game. Unfortunately for Jasinski, winning season 9 did nothing to help his personal struggles after he finished up with the show.

Adam Jasinski-Season 9 | Now

Even prior to his time on Big Brother, Jasinski struggled with substances. After the show ended, he was arrested in Massachusetts for possessing a large amount of medication that he shouldn’t have had. He ended up spending several years in prison, though his sentence was lightened due to cooperation with authorities. After his release, Jasinski used his own struggles as inspiration to help others turn their lives around. He now works as an intervention and addiction recovery specialist.

Rachel Reilly-Season 12 | Then

Rachel Reilly came to Big Brother for season 12 in 2010. She soon found herself targeted for having begun a romantic relationship with another houseguest, Brandon Villegas. The pair managed to survive several weeks, however, other female houseguests found Reilly difficult to deal with, often feuding with her. When the couple was again nominated for a joint elimination, Villegas’s pleas to spare Reilly went unheeded, and she was unanimously voted out. Villegas remained by her side the entire time.

Rachel Reilly-Season 12 | Now

After season 12, Reilly and Villegas were itching to return to reality television. Only a year later, they were brought back to season 13, as part of the “Returning Duos” twist. Reilly went on to win that season after a fierce competition. Around the same time, she began acting in The Bold and the Beautiful. She and Villegas competed on The Amazing Race twice, and came in third during the 2014 All Stars season. She gave birth to a baby girl with Villegas in 2016.

Jun Song-Season 4 | Then

When Jun Song competed on Big Brother, she was forced to compete against her ex, Jee Choe. He wasn’t the only ex in the house that season, which Song quickly exploited for her own gain. Despite banding together with the original houseguests against the exes, it was having an alliance with Choe that ended up helping Song make it to the end. Song was known for being very upfront about how she played the game, rather than sneaking behind others’ backs.

Jun Song-Season 4 | Now

After winning season 4 of Big Brother, Song was prepared to go back to her normal life working for an investment bank in New York City. Life had other plans, however, as Song fell in love with Davy Goethals while the two were separately vacationing in the Dominican Republic. When they decided to become an item, Song ended up moving to Goethals’s native Belgium with him. In 2014, she opened a Korean restaurant in Evergem, Belgium that she named Rice House.

Daniele Donato-Season 8 | Then

When Daniele came to Big Brother for season 8, she was joined by her father, Dick Donato, who became one of the most notorious players on the show. Many players were not fond of either Donato, and worked hard to try and eliminate both of them from the beginning. Daniele was fortunate enough to win a slew of competitions throughout the early weeks, which allowed her to save herself a number of times. In the end, Daniele was left standing against only her father.

Daniele Donato-Season 8 | Now

Though the jury voted for Dick Donato to win, Daniele still made a good showing. The pair later returned to season 13, but Daniele stayed on even when her dad left the competition. She managed to hang on for several more weeks, but was ultimately evicted before the end of the competition. She did, however, meet her husband, Dominic Briones, during season 13. The two married a few years later. Between her two appearances on Big Brother, Donato worked as a TV host for several shows.

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin-Season 2| Then

Mike Malin was first introduced to Big Brother in season 2, where he easily formed an alliance the participants named Chilltown. Their alliance evoked the ire of the other houseguests, however, who began forming their own alliances in order to eliminate Chilltown. Though Mike was often entertaining, he also had his fair share of feuds with other houseguests during his first season. Malin didn’t last very long and was eliminated after roughly a month in the house.

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin- Season 2| Now

Season 2 would not be Mike’s only chance at winning the top prize on Big Brother. He returned to the All Star competition in 2006, where he and his friend Will from season 2 immediately paired off into another alliance. By working together and strategically forming alliances with other pairs, Mike and Will managed to hang on until the final 4, with Mike winning the prize. In 2014, however, Malin was sued by a landlord for back payments he owed.

Jordan Lloyd-Season 11 | Then

In the summer of 2009, Jordan Lloyd made her debut on the 11th season of Big Brother. Though she alienated other houseguests at the start due to her forced alliances, she scraped by, week after week, because the others didn’t consider her to be as big of a threat as other houseguests. This allowed Jordan to become more strategic in the later weeks, and eventually managed to come out on top. Unlike many other winners, Jordan was always popular with fans.

Jordan Lloyd-Season 11 | Now

Jordan and her season 11 partner, Jeff, came back to Big Brother for the season 13 duos competition, where she managed to make it all the way to the final three. After their second run on Big Brother, Jordan and Jeff entered The Amazing Race together for the 2010 season. The pair ended up coming in seventh out of eleven teams. The two houseguests eventually married one another, and Jordan announced the birth of their first child in October 2016.

Hayden Moss-Season 12 | Then

Hayden Moss joined the house for the 12th season of Big Brother. Early on, he formed an alliance with several of the other guys in the house, including Enzo, Lane, and Matt. When it came down to it, the jury had to choose between two members of the Brigade, either Hayden or Lane, a vote which Hayden eventually won. Hayden’s win was despite early targeting because he had become romantically involved with Kristen Bitting in the first weeks of the competition.


Hayden Moss-Season 12 | Now

After Hayden’s win, he was ready to move on to other reality show competitions. Moss became the first Big Brother competitor to also appear on Survivor, which he joined for the show’s 27th season. Moss was joining his girlfriend, Kate Edorsson. She was eliminated early on, but Moss made it all the way to the Final Five through a series of strategic alliances. His relationship with Edorsson didn’t last, but Moss is currently dating a dancer for the LA Clippers, Kellie Janeski.

Krista Stegall-Season 2 | Then

Krista became a houseguest for Big Brother on season 2. She was known by fans for several things that occurred throughout her season. For starters, she began a relationship with Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin, but her time in the house was more distressing than that. At a certain point, another contestant supposedly held a knife to Stegall’s throat. She was rightfully terrified and decided to press charges against CBS after the show ended. She finished the competition in sixth place.

Krista Stegall-Season 2 | Now

Stegall’s relationship with Malin didn’t last much longer past their season together. By the time he appeared on Big Brother: All Stars, they had already split. Stegall’s personal troubles didn’t end there. She claims she had an issue with former Survivor contestant in 2010. Then in 2015, police realized there was a warrant out for her arrest because she filed a false report against her ex-husband. Stegall’s report claimed their house was unfit for their children, but the claim proved to be untrue.

Eddie McGee-Season 1 | Then

Eddie McGee had the pleasure of becoming the very first winner of the American version of Big Brother. Though the show was a different game in its first season, McGee managed to last 88 days in the house. Not only that, he’s the only amputee to have ever spent time as a houseguest. The first season lacked many of the different challenges and twists that subsequent seasons added in order to keep Americans interested, but Eddie still managed to withstand elimination until the end.

Eddie McGee-Season 1 | Now

Eddie McGee followed up on his success in Big Brother by becoming a film and television actor. McGee has broken many boundaries by playing many roles for characters who use realtors. McGee has been working consistently since 2001, when he appeared in Drop Dead Roses as Jason. Some of his other credits include Law & OrderGuiding LightDesperate Housewives, and NCIS: Los Angeles. Most recently, he was seen in Aberration as Boots, and he narrated the TV series, Don’t Turn Around.

Dick Donato-Season 8 | Then

Earning himself the moniker, ‘Evel Dick’ Donato,  which some say he was using even before the show, Donato joined the show in season 8 with his daughter, Daniele. The two are the only family members to have both earned the top two prizes on the same show. Dick was always a fan favorite, though some were annoyed by his consistent name dropping. At 44 years old, Donato is still the oldest winner of any season of Big Brother, which Daniele was one of the youngest.

Dick Donato-Season 8 | Now

After winning season 8, Donato used a large portion of his prize money help put his daughter through college, as well as to take her on a trip to Europe. Donato is no stranger to film, and was even the stand in for Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. He and Daniele returned to Big Brother in season 13, but Donato chose to drop out early in the competition. He later revealed it was due to a positive diagnosis for HIV.

Britney Haynes-Season 12 | Then

Britney Haynes was another popular houseguest on the 12th season of Big Brother, which also feature the guys in the Brigade, as well as Rachel and Brendon. When it came down to the final houseguests that season, Haynes was the only one left who wasn’t part of the Brigade, which had been kept from the rest of the guests for the better part of the season. In the end, the guys voted her off, putting her in fourth place.

Britney Haynes-Season 12 | Now

After her appearance on season 12, Britney was happy to return to Big Brother two years later as a coach on season 14. As as coach, however, Britney was still competing, but ended up on the wrong side of the alliances. Ultimately, she placed eight in her second go around on the show. In 2012, she married her husband, Nathan Godwin. The couple now have three children, the youngest of which, Rhue Elizabeth Godwin, she gave birth to in June 2017.

Dan Gheesling-Season 10 | Then

Dan Gheesling took his first shot at winning the $500,000 prize on Big Brother in season 10. In the first week, Dan’s ally was eliminated, which caused him to have to rethink his ultimate strategy until he could form new alliances. He decided to downplay his abilities, so others would consider him less of a threat. In the end, Dan managed to prevail, becoming only one of two contestants ever to play a ‘Perfect Game’, meaning that he received no votes for eviction.

Dan Gheesling-Season 10 | Now

After season 10, Gheesling was ready to return to the house for another go at first prize in season 14. His season 14 run is best remembered for the funeral that he hosted for himself, which is considered to be one of the biggest strategic plays in Big Brother history. Though he only made it to second place in season 14, Gheesling is still remembered as a fan favorite. In the time since, he has become a life coach and motivational speaker.

Will Kirby-Season 2 | Then

Will Kirby made his name in the revamped second season of Big Brother after he best the other competitors with a fierce game strategy. Early on in the competition, he became good friends with fellow houseguest, Mike Mallin, alongside whom he formed an alliance called Chilltown. Will managed to best his fellow competitors in order to take home the top prize of $500,000, by winning the votes of the previously eliminated guests. Will Kirby was ready to move on to bigger and better things.

Will Kirby-Season 2 | Now

Following his win, Kirby went on to finish medical school, officially becoming Dr. Will Kirby. After his run on Big Brother, Kirby made a number of appearances on Extra! as a medical correspondent. He was also featured on Dr. 90210Regis and KellyChelsea Lately, The Talk, and The Doctors. Kirby is a frequent medical lecturer on dermatology and laser tattoo removal. He also runs a boutique dermatology practice that is only open to select private clients and celebrities.

Janelle Pierzina-Season 6 | Then

Janelle Pierzina was introduced to America as one of the houseguests in Big Brother on season 6. She formed an alliance dubbed ‘The Sovereign Six’ who were rivals to another alliance called, ‘The Friendship.’ Janelle was able to maneuver her way into a spot in the final three, but ultimately was voted out in third place. She wasn’t ready to leave behind Big Brother just yet, however, and Janelle would come back to compete in several more seasons.

Janelle Pierzina-Season- Season 3 | Now

It seemed Janelle just couldn’t stay away from the house for very long. She returned in season 7 to compete as an all star, making it to third place once again. Following that, she returned for guest challenges in seasons 8, 10, and 11, but didn’t return to compete until season 14. That was the shortest amount of time she managed to stay in the house. Throughout her time on Big Brother, Janelle was consistently one of America’s favorites. Now, she works as a real estate agent in Minnesota.

Danielle Reyes-Season 3 | Then

Danielle Reyes was quick to establish herself as a major player when she entered the Big Brother house in season 3. Through clever strategy, Danielle made it all the way to the end of the competition along with her ally, Jason Guy, who ended up coming in third. Once it was down to the final two, however, the jurors had a chance to see Danielle’s diary room videos, which proved to be her downfall, as they were unimpressed with her candid musings.

Danielle Reyes-Season 3 | Now

Danielle took another shot at winning the $500,000 prize money when she appeared on Big Brother: All Stars, however, the other players knew from the start she was a threat. Despite her skill, Danielle was the victim of backstabbing during the All Star season, as she tried to make and break alliances. Reyes is considered by most fans to be the greatest player who never won. Since Big Brother, Danielle returned to her job working in property management.