William And Kate Reveal Prince George’s Adorable Nickname For The Queen


The Little Prince

Prince George of Cambridge is royalty, but right now, it’s hard for the public to take him seriously. It may be a little un-royal, but Kate Middleton revealed what the little prince calls his infamous great-grandmother.

Breaking The Law

Back in the day, it may have been a problem to have a girl as a firstborn due to certain laws about boys being heirs to the throne. However, by the time Catherine and Prince William got married, this issue no longer existed. By the time the couple’s first child, George, was born, the parliament of the United Kingdom passed a law that allowed the eldest child, regardless of his or her gender, become a monarch.

The First Arrival

As it turned out, the law didn’t matter too much to the royal couple because their firstborn was born a boy – Prince George, born July 22, 2013. Prince George was born in the same hospital as his royal father, as well as his uncle, soon-to-be-married Prince Harry. As soon as the media learned that Kate was in labor, a sea of people stood outside the hospital to take photos and congratulate the happy couple.

Name Announcement

One of the first things everyone wants to know when it comes to royal babies (or any babies, for that matter!) is the name! When Kate and William had their first child, the British news outlets could barely contain their excitement about the little prince. Of course, everyone wanted to know what the new arrival would be called – George Alexander Louis! George was named after the Queen’s father, King George VI, and his middle name is in reference to the Queen’s middle name, Alexandra.

Prince George

Most people would agree that Prince George has had his fair share of time in the spotlight. The world has carefully watched as the young prince has grown from Kate’s baby bump into a toddler. In Prince George’s first four years of life, he has attended more birthday parties, engagements, and special events than most grown adults in their entire life. Most children his age do not experience such a large quantity of social engagements.

Princess Charlotte

If adorable Prince George wasn’t enough on his own, Prince William and Kate announced their second pregnancy a mere year after George was born. Born on May 2nd, 2015, Princess Charlotte conquered the hearts of millions around the world. Even after the birth of the royal couple’s third child, Charlotte remains the only girl. When asking the Queen about who takes care of whom, George of Charlotte or Charlotte of George, the Queen claims Charlotte takes more care of her older brother.

Time In The Spotlight

Still, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge try to keep their personal life, as well as their children, private. Even though we often see Prince George and Princess Charlotte at social gatherings, we rarely hear Kate speak up about any personal parenting decisions or issues. They only have one rule, specifically during meal time. When the Queen stops eating, everyone stops eating. Besides that, Kate seems to have a fairly relaxed parenting style.

The Great World Traveler

Prince George has been lucky enough to meet some of the greatest leaders of the free world. The sweet young toddler even got to shake Barack Obama’s hand during a visit. Young George has extensive travel experience. The prince traveled as far as New Zealand and Australia and even attended Trooping the Color ceremonies. During some of the special trips, Prince George was photographed with his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

Private Relationship

Queen Elizabeth likes to keep her relationship with her great grandchildren very private. You will not see her posting on Facebook and Instagram about her visits with the kiddos. In general, Queen Elizabeth likes to keep all of her relationships private and under wraps. She doesn’t want the young kid’s faces on every news outlet under the sun. However, we do know that she is very close with the great-grandchildren, especially with Prince George.

Not Just The Queen

The Queen of England is not the only person in the royal family who values privacy. After giving birth to George, both Kate Middleton and Prince William spoke out on more than one occasion about their children growing up with a certain level of privacy. Both George and his sister Charlotte make rare appearances, including the traditional royal tours. The family feels as though the paparazzi cross the line when it comes to trying to take photos of the children.


Over time, the young prince developed a sweet nickname for his grandmother. Duchess Kate Middleton slipped about the nickname on a U.K. television special. The special was created for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday back in 2016. In the television special, the Duchess shared that the Queen loves spending time with Prince George. Middleton also revealed that the Queen leaves unique gifts for George and Charlotte in their rooms during visits. Kate continued, “George is only two-and-a-half, and he calls [the Queen] Gan-Gan.”

An Old Tradition

One may ask, why would Prince George call the Queen ‘Gan-Gan’. Just like most toddlers, Prince George could not pronounce the words ‘great-grandmother.’ That is far too hard for most four-year-olds to say. Instead of having to pronounce the long drawn out word, Prince George calls Elizabeth ‘Gan-Gan.’ Apparently, this nickname goes back many years. Even Prince Charles called his great-grandmother ‘gan-gan’. Prince William and Prince Henry also used this sweet nickname when they were toddlers.

Who’s Gary?

When it came to nicknames for his grandmother, Prince William had an interesting choice. Like any child, he began calling her the first thing that he could say. Richard Kay, a columnist for The Daily Mail claims that he heard a two-year-old William once call out for ‘Gary’ after falling down in Buckingham Palace. ‘Gary’ confused many, but when someone asked the queen about it, she revealed that she was Gary because “he hasn’t learned to say Granny yet.”

Royal Indeed

Fortunately for William, he would eventually learn to call his grandmother “Granny” and not “Gary.” The name has since become an inside joke for Prince William and Prince Harry. They reportedly will call her “Gary” when no one is around. Just because her grandchildren refer to her as such, others should not dare imitate them. Guests are never instructed to be informal with the Queen. They are always told to refer to her as “Your Majesty” or “Ma’am” when speaking about her or to her.

Philip Gets Cheeky

Her grandkids might have some good pet names for her, but the most bizarre comes from the most unlikely of sources. The royal family has earned their fair share of nicknames, but nothing compares to that which Prince Philip calls Queen Elizabeth. Rumor has it that Prince Philip calls her ‘Cabbage.’ That’s right; he calls her the main ingredient in coleslaw.

Cabbage Patch Kids/post_page_title]

Prince Philip’s interestingly chosen nickname garnered public attention after the release of the film The Queen in 2006. In one specific scene in the film, Philip and Elizabeth are laying in bed together before Philip says, “Move over, cabbage.” One writer, Peter Morgan, claims that the line directed at Helen Mirren was based on information from within royal circles and that Philip calls Elizabeth that on occasion.

[post_page_title]Another Source Confirms/post_page_title]

One of the Queen’s biographers, Robert Lacey, has backed Morgan’s claim of the Royal nickname. He said, “Yes, I’ve heard that is how [Prince Phillip] will sometimes refer to [the Queen].” Many speculate that the origins of the nickname come from a well-known French phrase. In French, many will use the phrase, “mon petit chou” as a term of endearment. It translates to something like, “my little cabbage.”

[post_page_title]Self Struggle

However, “cabbage” and “Gan-Gan” are far from being the only nicknames often used for the Queen. When she was a child, the then Princess Elizabeth had a hard time pronouncing her first name, so she altered it slightly and called herself “Lilibet.” Soon, her friends and family started calling her that, too.

Shirley Temple Look-Alike

The Duke of Windsor, Elizabeth’s uncle who abdicated the throne in 1936, came up with a somewhat more patronizing name. The Duke wrote a letter to his wife, Wallis Simpson, where he referred to his niece as “Shirley Temple.” This was apparently because of her curly hair. The Duke also used the name “Cookie” to refer to the queen mother, since he claimed to think she resembled a cook.

The Royal Nana

Since the Queen is the matriarch, it’s hardly surprising that she holds the title (and crown) for the most-nicknamed member of the royal family. However, Prince George might grant his beloved great-grandmother another moniker when he grows a little older. After all, although the Queen is already 91 years old, she still has a lot of life left in her. There is not a doubt that she is looking forward to developing her relationship with her great-grandchild.

Letting Her In On A Secret

When the Queen met a 10-year-old girl in January 2018, she let something slip about the royal children. When the monarch asked if the young child looked after her younger, six-year-old sister, the girl’s mother quickly replied: “It’s the other way around.” Queen Elizabeth answered with a smile on her face, “It’s like that with Charlotte and George.”

Charlotte Is Bossy

According to People Magazine, the Queen confirmed that when it comes to the relationship between the two little royals, Charlotte is the more bossy one! In fact, she stated that Charlotte can sometimes even boss George around; after all, she comes from a long lineage of strong women. Other sources state that Charlotte is settling well into preschool and finding it very comfortable with other pupils.

The Third One Is Here

Now the Queen has finally met her newest great-grandchild, who was born in April 2018. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, went into labour very early in the morning on April 23rd, 2018. Shortly after, it was announced that Middleton gave birth to a baby boy – a prince, weighing 8 pounds. This blooming baby is William and Kate’s third child. As it turns out, there were certain baby delivery rules Kate had to follow that weren’t evident to the naked eye.

Official Names

Although the media has taken the liberty to call the young British royals by their first names, that’s not what the Buckingham Palace had in mind. British royalty has official titles that they go by, and it is considered quite inappropriate to call them by their first names alone. George’s parents are William and Kate Middleton, and the public often calls them “Will and Kate”. Having said that, if you were ever to run into the couple, they would have to be referred to as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

Following Strict Rules

Considering the fact that Kate Middleton is now a big part of the royal family, she also has to follow big rules. When someone in the royal family gives birth, it is of essence that the Queen finds out first. According to The Sun, when Prince George was born, the Queen was contacted using an encrypted phone! Other rules include the fathers being banned from the delivery room; however, this law was lifted after the birth of Prince Charles.

No Hospitals

If all the rules we had already listed isn’t strict enough, there is more. The royal family, all throughout history, has favoured home births. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II gave birth to all of her children within the Buckingham Palace. Years later, when giving birth to both Prince Harry and Prince William, Princess Diana broke these old-fashioned rules and gave birth in a hospital, namely London’s St. Mary’s Hospital in a private wing. The Duchess of Cambridge did likewise.

Revealing The Name

As you can imagine, once the prince was born, everyone wanted to know the name he was given. Across the United Kingdom, as well as the rest of the world, people were placing bets on different name options. Prince William and Kate Middleton announced the name in a traditional fashion – “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son Louis Arthur Charles,” claimed the announcement from Kensington Palace, “The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.”

Siblings Come To Visit

The very first pregnancy announcement came from the royal couple back in 2012, where Prince William and Kate Middleton said they were expecting their first child together. In 2014, the couple made yet another happy announcement – Kate was pregnant with a girl, Charlotte. Now that Kate was giving birth to their third, George and Charlotte couldn’t skip a hospital visit! Prince William made sure to have the whole family involved once their mother gave birth to their youngest brother.

More Exciting News

The excitement doesn’t end there – only one month after this happy occasion, Prince Harry is to be married to his fiancée, American actress Meghan Markle. The two of them may also decide to start a family soon after, continuing the conservative tradition. So chances are that it won’t be long before the Queen has a palace full of children calling her “Gan-Gan”, with at least a handful of toddlers running around. But after all, what is a palace for if not for family?

George’s Brother

Now that Prince George is four years old and Princess Charlotte is turning three, the two are incredibly happy to have another sibling. The prince is now back with the Duke and the Duchess in Kensington Palace, and we will definitely be seeing more adorable photos of the royal baby. According to The Telegraph, the royal newborn is now fifth in line to the throne, after Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.